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January 14, 2013

Imaging Resource interviews Panasonic: M43rds, video, NFC, sensors, AF, Lenses, etc

We interrupt the digesting of the digests with an interview alert! As promised last week, Imaging Resource interviewed a number of digital camera manufacturers, and now they have began publishing the interviews online! The first one to be published is their Panasonic interview. They cover a lot of subjects, from Micro For Thirds, to video, to NFC, to mirrorless, to sensors, to lenses, to auto focuses, to sports, P&S cameras, smartphones, DSLR competition, and more! As usual with Imaging Resource trade show interviews, there's a lot of material included! You will need at least one cup of coffee!

The interview also mentions photographer Ira Block testing the Panasonic GH3. Some of his GH3 pictures (web-size) are published at the Lumix gallery. There, at the GH3 gallery, you can find Panasonic GH3 stills and video samples from at least half a dozen more photographers.

Availability wise, the Panasonic GH3 remains in a state of pre-order. For future updates, check the Panasonic GH3 stock status page which you can also find Javascript-embedded right below...

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