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January 08, 2013

Hands-on videos: Photo editing (and more) with 20-inch Panasonic 4K tablet (and giant HDTV)

We only mentioned the announcement links for this in our morning post, but now there are more hands-on videos and pictures, so here we go again. Panasonic showed a 20-inch 4K resolution Windows 8 prototype tablet with pen input at CES 2013 today. Given the screen size, the 4K screen resolution (around 4000 pixels wide on the X axis), and pen input, this makes it a theoretical temptation for photographers and digital creatives.

So here we go, hands-on videos, pictures and text of this device in use at The Verge and Engadget and CNet at CES. Also, a slideshow of pictures at CNet.

Speaking of pens, screens and Panasonic, during their Monday press conference, Panasonic showed picture editing on a giant HDTV with pen input. This set up was available at the CES floor and Engadget and The Verge published hands-on videos of pen-writing on the giant HDTV screen.

We learn via press release that the Panasonic touch input is using Anoto technologies.

Please note some of the videos may begin with advertisements. This is well above and beyond our control.

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