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January 10, 2013

Fuji X100s: autofocus test, first impressions, manual focus explanation

The Fuji X100s appears to be emerging as the Helen of Troy of the 2013 CES + PMA trade show among digital camera gear. One of the bold claims by Fuji marketing is that the camera has super-fast autofocus speed (check new camera press releases, almost all of them make claims of that sort). The internets now offer us a new test of that marketing hypothesis: PetaPixel published a 13-second video putting the X100s autofocus to the test in the trade show setting.

Next up, the Steve Huff Experience visits the Fuji booth, and the kind Fuji Trade Show Guy gives the world a 2-minute talk on Manual Focusing with the X100s.

Now pick up your reading glasses, Digital Camera Info published a first-impressions first-look preview of the camera!

For availability updates, check the Stock Status page, now with all the hot cameras du jour shown on the front page for your convenience. We are also Javascript-embedding the X100S stock status page right below:

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