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January 21, 2013

Controversy: Google signs deal with Getty Images for Google Drive (but Photographers get Micropennies)

Google has signed a deal with Getty Images for the Google Drive. The goal is to provide Google Drive users with free commercial images to use in their documents, presentations and spreadsheets. This is good for Google Drive users, but photographers are getting ...micropennies out of this arrangement. It appears photographers will be receiving a one time fee of $12 and that's all there is. No credits, no meta-data, nada else.

This development was reverse-engineered by photographers over the last few days. It started with a Google Drive blog announcement and continued with these threads in mid-January at the iStock forums, thread #1 and which prompted two explanation posts in the same forums by a poorly-identified iStock employee, here is thread #2 and thread #3.

The story appeared at A Photo Editor (and discussed in the APE comments section) and it has since spread across the internets, with photographers organizing a February 2nd protest.

Discussion and opinions on these at British Journal of Photography and Pop Photo and TBPG and Focus Numerique and Petapixel et al.

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