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January 08, 2013

Clarification on Polaroid Mirrorless: it is a modular system like Ricoh GXR

Polaroid kinda screwed up their big moment in the spotlight by failing to properly explain their new camera system. Then again, Sakar is not used to the spotlight, so there's that. So here's the latest updates in what is turning out to be a CES 2013 saga...

dpreview explains that Polaroid is building a modular type of a system along the lines of the Ricoh GXR. You have the camera body and you have the lens + sensor module. So that explains why the Polaroid press release was talking about Micro Four Thirds and such. There's some more on this at Connect.

So the 10-30mm lens is as many expected (and Digital Camera Info CSIed (verb)) using a sensor about the 1-inch size.

Polaroid Mirrorless Hands-On Reports
So how do these quasi-mysterious quasi-interesting creatures perform? There are two hands-on reports published at the tech blogs, here is The Engadget and here is the The Verge. Both include hands-on videos!

But wait, there's more! There's a new hands-on report of the IM1836 Android flagship at Digital Camera Info.

Why Does It Look Like the Nikon J1?
We don't know who makes the Nikon J1 cameras. So the question is, did Polaroid/Sakar cut-and-paste the Nikon design or do they share the same source and Nikon did not secure exclusive rights to that design? The latter sounds less plausible since Nikon is typically very brand-aware. Then again, Nikon produces waves and waves of nearly-identical P&S digital cameras and they are starting to treat the CX system like the Coolpixies :)

If Polaroid/Sakar is not using a shared/licensed design, then it is a question of design cut-and-paste? Sakar is used to flying under the radar with third or fourth tier products. Perhaps they were unprepared for the spotlight and they thought they could get away with the cut-and-paste?

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