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January 09, 2013

CES 2013 Trade Show Floor action: Sigma DP3m, Fuji X100s, SL1000 (50x), Canon N square, Pentax MX-1, Samsung NX300, Nikon CX, Polaroid, etc

There are now enough new hands-on reports from the CES and PMA 2013 trade show floor to trigger a new Trade Show Floor round-up! If you missed yesterday's round-up, it is waiting for you to read.

The CES Experience
+ off the beaten track at CNet at CES (sights and sounds from the trade show; not photography related)

+ DP3 Merrill first impressions at ThePhoblographer

+ X100S hands on at Photography Blog
+ SL1000 superzoom (50x) hands on at Pocket Lint

+ MX-1 brass hands-on at Photography Bay
+ MX-1 video hands-on at CNet at CES

Polaroid Paranoid Android
+ IM1836 (Android) hands on at PetaPixel

+ Powershot N square thang continues to get attention at Digital Camera Info and Photography Blog and What Digital Camera?

+ J3 and S1 hands-on at The Phoblographer
+ J3 and S1 hands-on video at Engadget
+ J3 video hands-on at CNet at CES
+ S1 video hands-on at CNet at CES
+ remote opinion on the new cameras at Photography Life
+ D5200 action rounded-up separately since there was a mix of CES and non-CES action

+ 3D Lens Technology at Peta Pixel
+ NX300 hands on at dpreview
+ NX300 balloon samples at What Digital Camera?
+ NX300 and other Samsung products at Pocket Lint
+ WB800F wifi superzoom preview at Digital Camera Info
+ various Samsung hands-on slide show at CNet at CES
+ new Samsung digital camera owners will get 50GB of Dropbox space via Peta Pixel

+ Cybershot TF1 waterproof camera hands-on at Digital Camera Info

Other Gear
+ Vanguard GH-300T Pistol Grip Tripod with built-in shutter release hands on at Pop Photo
+ HP Pavillion 27 xi IPS monitor video at CNet at CES

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