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January 30, 2013

Blackberry 10 launches with new phones and apps (8mp camera, Time Shift, burst mode, little photographic control)

It is raining new digital cameras in Japan in the build up to the CP Plus trade show, but it's also raining Blackberries. Blackberry has announced their new generation, version 10, putting some more emphasis on the camera aspects, with an 8mp camera on the back with LED flash and the Time Shift feature and burst mode and 1080p video. However,the photographic controls are rather limited (no exposure, WB, ISO, tap to focus, panorama).

A side-by-side real-world picture comparison scene between Blackberry 10 and the Apple iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S3, and Nokia Lumia 920 can be found towards the middle of the detailed review at The full-size of the comparison composite is available for download if you want to evaluate it closely (74MB).

For more on the camera aspects, you can check the camera or photography segments of the NDA'ed reviews of the Blackberry Z10 (touchscreen; no keyboard) at The Verge and Pocket Lint and Tech Crunch and CNet and Engadget and Mashable and BGR and ABC News (last paragraph) and PC Magazine (website has very aggressive ads, including the dreaded pop-up ads; so sad for PC Magazine)...

Blackberry promises 70,000+ third-party apps, however, I haven't found a definitive list of photography-related apps that are going to be available for the Blackberry 10. No Instagram yet but they are in talks. A short list at CNet mentions Dropbox and Paper Camera.

Announcement details via Techememe. Canada and the UK will be getting it this week! A spec-sheet comparison between it and the top Android phones can be found at Android Central.

A video post-game show is now live at The Verge (as of 12pm NYC time).

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