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January 22, 2013

Apple's War on Nudity: 500px and ISO500 apps pulled

Apple's war on nudity has two more victims: the 500px and ISO500 apps were pulled from the iTunes store because someone could have perhaps seen nude pictures in the search results. The Apple paranoia is this: the only way to see nude pictures using the 500px app would be log on to your 500px account on the desktop and turn off the Safe Search setting manually. You couldn't just randomly see nude pictures while searching for cats and dogs.

Why such paranoia over nudity? The only reasonable explanation we can think of is this: nude pictures are very unnatural and the only way one can produce nude pictures is by flaying a human being. After all, we are all born with clothes on!

It is also fascinating that so many artists and creatives are so in love with Apple, when Apple is often at or near the Saudi Arabia level of strictness in matters of nudity and sexuality.

Details and new updates coming via Tech Crunch and The Verge and Techmeme.

PS: ironically, flayed pictures are not considered ban worthy by most places that ban nude pictures.

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