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December 03, 2012

APS-C Digest: The Sony NEX-6 and Pentax K-5 II* show (mostly)

We conclude the Cameraholic Digest trilogy with a look at APS-C sensor-size digital cameras. The previous two parts of the trilogy were posted previously: Full Frame DSLR Digest and Smaller Sensor Digest (M43rds and smaller - we need to find a good euphemism for smaller so as not to offend fans of this segment; Efficient Sensor size? Compact Sensor size? Forward-thinking Sensor size?).

Sony NEX-6
+ completed reviews at Trusted Reviews
+ lots of on-going action and comparisons at Sound Image Plus (four parts so far)
+ episodic review begins at Visual Science Lab - cappuccino is included
+ NEX-6 vs Fuji X-E1 at Quesabesde and CameraStore TV
+ high ISO testing, RAW vs JPEG at Sony Alpha Labs
+ NEX-6 flirts with Canon EF lenses at Sony Alpha Lab along with RAW IQ testing
+ NEX-6 review samples at WDC?
+ NEX-6 got DXomarked - previously mentioned in impact review alert
+ reference: completed NEX-6 reviews
+ in-stock for $1000: NEX-6 w/16-50 power zoom at and B&H Photo and Adorama and Amazon

Sony's Other NEXxxxxxies
+ thoughts on the Sony NEX system at Borrowlenses blog
+ NEX-7 flirts with Voigtlander SLR lenses at Sound Image Plus
+ NEX-5R completed review at Photography Blog
+ reference: completed reviews of Sony NEXxXXxies
+ value deal: Sony NEX-5N w/18-55 black and $50 plastic B&H Photo gift card for $500 at B&H Photo

Pentax K-mount World
+ K-5 II vs IIs moire hunting test at Neocamera
+ K-5 II completed review at Neocamera
+ K-5 II* samples at Capacamera and Photoble (via RiceHigh)
+ K-5 II got Dxomarked - previously mentioned in impact review alert
+ TOP explains why the K-5 isn't mentioned often at TOP
+ K-01 photographs models at What Blog is This?
+ win a Pentax K-30 DSLR at ePhotozine

Nikon APS-C
+ D3200 completed review at Photo Review
+ win a Nikon D3200 at ePhotozine
+ reference: completed D3200 reviews

+ EOS-m mirrorless action rounded-up individually during the weekend

+ X-E1 action rounded-up individually during the weekend

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