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December 21, 2012

(ENDED) Free Overnight shipping ends Saturday 3pm ET [updated]

The Free Overnight specials ended! For future specials, check the Camera Deals blog which also offers a free full-text RSS feed for your convenience. We also increased the number of items on the front page there, to make it easier to skim/scan through the specials.

For last minute gift purchases, you can get emailable or printable or Facebookable Amazon electronic gift cards. Barring any technical or payment issues, these are delivered very quickly, most often within minutes of purchase. I tested this on Sunday 12/23/12 at 1:20pm ET, and the electronic gift card arrived seven minutes later. Note however that e-delivery times may vary in the future!

If you prefer to gift a tangable plastic gift card, Amazon continues to offer free 1-day shipping and free Gift box with the purchase of plastic gift cards. Please note these will arrive AFTER Christmas Day! AFTER Christmas Day! AFTER Christmas Day! (the repetition is a speed-bump for the speed-readers).

EXPIRED (after the jump)

According to, their Free 1 Day shipping promotion will end by 3pm ET on Saturday December 22, but don't wait until the last minute. I think it ended slightly earlier last year. Amazon features 400+ camera and photo items including 192 digital cameras and 119 lenses.

The B&H Photo Free Overnight shipping promotion ended at 4:30pm ET... According to the countdown clock at B&H Photo, their Free Overnight Shipping promotion ends at 4:30pm ET on Friday, so plan accordingly. They include select DSLRs and select mirrorless cameras and select Lenses and Flashes (use the left sidebar at B&H to filter them by your areas of interest)

Friday may be a crazy day at the Camera and Photo Lighting Deals at Amazon. Remaining is the Panasonic GX1 body only for $380. [updated 5:18pm ET] Expired since the early morning are the 4-hour lightning deals for: the Fuji X100 Limited Edition and the Panasonic M43rds cameras: GF3 and GF5 with 14-42 X Power Zoom and G5 body only. Also going live is a special on the Sony Alpha A35 body only. The prices will be revealed at the aforelinked pages when they go live. We do not know what the prices are going to be ahead of time, so YMMV.

If you don't want to scavenge through the Lighting Deals widget, we have also prepared an hour by hour breakdown of the potentially interesting specials.

As usual, some of these items will go to 100% Claimed within minutes if not seconds. But hope is not lost yet - Join the Wait list. People have 15 minutes to complete a Lightning Deals purchase. If they do not, they lose the right to purchase, and the item goes to the next person in the Wait List. This repeats over and over and over during the 4-hour period. Sometimes the Wait List fills up, in which case, you can wait for it to open up again. Sometimes an item is completely sold-out before its 4-hours are up. Then hope is completely #lost and Damon Lindelof will try to explain it with a glowy cave ;-)

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