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December 04, 2012

(ENDED) Lightning Deals: Canon T2i w/18-55 & 55-250 for $630 (starts at 5:30pm ET: Elph 510HS)

The 4-hour special on the Canon D-Rebel with the 18-55 & 55-250 lenses for $630 ended... For future specials, stay tuned to the very busy Camera Deals blog... Expired/previous updates after the jump...

UPDATE (Wedn 3:40pm ET): The Canon D-Rebel T2i with the 18-55mm and 55-250mm price is $630 and it is almost 100% claimed. From here, you can join the Waiting List and wait to see if you will get a shot at it. The listing closes at 7:30pm ET, but may be dead before then if it is completely sold-out. Check the latest updates at the Camera and Photo Lightning Deals. It also qualifies for a free 16GB Sandisk Class 10 (add to cart and discount will be automatically applied at the top right corner of the Amazon checkout page).

UPDATE (Wednesday at 5am ET): As of the time of this update, the Camera and Photo Lightning Deals have been revealed. They include a Canon D-Rebel T2i two-lens kit (18-55/55-250) special going live at 3:30pm ET and a Canon Elph 510HS black going live at 5:30pm ET. Prices will be revealed when they go live. The last time the T2i two-lens kit was offered, its price was horrid compared to the T3i/T4i. Nothing too dramatic today, perhaps the teaser of a "Camera & Photo" focus may have been hinting at the spotlight deal which is indeed a camera but perhaps not what most photographers might be interested in, the Foscam Pan/Tilt IP Network Camera with Night Vision etc etc for $63 with free shipping.

Unless the Canon D-Rebel T2i has become some sort of a cult hero camera, compare whatever price is offered at 3:30pm ET to the Canon Digital Rebel T4i two-lens kit (18-55/55-250) currently offered for $700 at Adorama. To get this price, look for the "Buy together and save" section, click on the link, select the 55-250 lens, and add to cart. The total price at the bottom of the cart will drop to $700.

For the latest specials, check the very busy Camera Deals blog.

Today turned into an impromptu sanity break day [we need a lot of both ;-)], but the sanity ends in a few hours. Starting on Wednesday at 3am eastern time, there will be a wave of camera and photo and video themed Amazon Camera & Photo lightning specials. The specials will be revealed over there at 3am ET on Wednesday and will go live at different times during the day. We have no idea what products are coming and at which prices, so YMMV. We will check into them at some point on Wednesday after they go live, but if you want to find out immediately, check the Amazon Camera & Photo page after Wednesday at 3am ET.

Lightning Deal Tips
If an item gets to 100% Claimed very quickly, do not lose hope yet. If you are going to be near your computer, join the Waiting List immediately. People have only 15 minutes to complete the purchase or they lose the discount. When people don't buy the items, the opportunity goes to the people at the top of the Waiting List. They too have 15 minutes to purchase, or the special will go to the next person in the Waiting List. This can go on for up to the full four hours that most lightning deals specials go for.

For some items, the Waiting List fills up as well. You still have a chance to get it, but lower. First you have to wait for the Waiting List to have an open slot, join the Waiting List, and then hope that enough people ahead of you decide to pass on the item, or give up on the Waiting List. Hope is completely lost when all available units are sold or the listing closes, whichever happens first.

The above strategery often works best for items that are not mass-market and are not priced at insanely low prices. For example - hypothetical - if the special is a brand new super laptop for 99 cents, you can bet that 99.9% of the people who claim it will buy it. On the other end of the spectrum, if the special is a secondary component of a professional studio lightning system, the chances of getting it are much higher, since most people probably don't even know what they are looking at.

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