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December 13, 2012

Panasonic News: Sanyo digital cameras business to be ejected (and GH3 delayed)

About a month ago, Panasonic announced five-figure layoffs and also plans to sell/shutdown/divest non-profitable and non-salvageable business units and such.

Fast-forward to today, and Reuters Tokyo reports that Panasonic is going to sell the Sanyo digital camera making business to a private equity fund by March 2013. This sounds very consistent to what they said earlier on (see first paragraph above). The article names Olympus as one of the companies that use Sanyo to "make" their cameras (via PetaPixel).

Now to prevent any confusion, keep in mind that Sanyo had been making digital cameras, some under their own brand, most under other people's brands long before Panasonic purchased them. This only affects Sanyo-made cameras, not Panasonic-made cameras.

In other Panasonic news, Panasonic Japan said the GH3 will be delayed until December-29-2012 (via Photography Blog). This of course is a technical date, since what matters from a photographer's perspective is when can I buy the camera?

To keep track of Panasonic GH3 availability updates, stay tuned to the Stock Status page. We are actively tracking only a small number of cameras, and that enables us to post more frequent updates.

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