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December 16, 2012

Opinion Soup: Gear, DIY, Learnings, Creativity, Business, Interviews, etc

It is cold outside. Time for some soup. Opinion Soup. Yes, Opinion soup, not onion soup... It's been about a month since our previous Opinions round-up, so this bowl is deeper than usual... For previous (and future episodes) check the Photography Soup archives.

Gear - Lenses
+ what lens to buy when you outgrow your kit lens? at Digital Camera Info
+ Primes vs Zoom Lenses at Photography Life
+ which Nikon prime lens to buy first? at Photography Life
+ working with tilt-shift lenses at BL - Part One and Part Two

+ Mirrorless 4th Birthday Part II at Camera Ergonomics
+ what makes a good low light camera at Digital Camera Info
+ how to drive yourself crazy as a professional photographer at Visual Science Lab
+ why your camera doesn't matter and why it does at Luminenscent Photo
+ M43rds year in review at Admiring the Light
+ in lieu of reviews at Sans Mirror
+ rethinking m43rds cameras at Photofocus
+ one man's quest for a low noise camera at What Blog Is This?
+ what is a professional camera? at Foto-Biz
+ the ultimate film compact? Olympus mju II by Reddy at Huff
+ seven features your next camera will have at Digital Camera Info
+ Lytro Lightfield camera - future or gimmick? at Cameradojo (audio/podcast)
+ on LED lights at Visual Science Lab
+ the JC Penney problem, only worse at Sans Mirror
+ how to report a scam at SLR Lounge
+ marketing controversy? black Fuji X-E1 for men, silver for women? at Peta Pixel

DIY, Tips, Learnings, .edu
+ hacking the Nikon WU-1A wi-fi dongle for more advanced Nikon DSLRs by Joe Fitz at Nikon Hacker forums (via HackaDay, DIYP)
+ understanding IPS displays at SLR Lounge
+ testing your camera's emulsion at Hurlbut Visuals
+ how to trigger and waterproof strobes under water via DIY Photography
+ lens cap tip at M43 Photo
+ affordable studio ideas at Photography Life and Digital Camera Review and DIY Photography
+ why does it look bad? at The Strobist
+ fifty (50) essential photography tips at CNet UK
+ five uncommon tips for travel photographers at F/Stoppers
+ 14 reasons to use a tripod at PixiQ
+ creating surreal self-portraits (unless you have an identical twin) at Petapixel
+ halitosis and lens cleaning at ThePhoblographer

Creativity, Inspiration, Etc
+ the photographers you idolize are no better than you at F/Stoppers
+ the difference between a photographer and an artist at TOP (via APE)
+ enough b+w, let there be color by Robin Wong
+ top pet photographers at ePhotozine (in case it's not clear, photographers of pets, not pets who are photographers)
+ when everyone has the same tools by Seth Godin (via APE, PP)
+ 20 epic fakes at Photod0t0
+ ten most iconic photographs of all time at CanonBlogger
+ ten Spanish fashion photographs that conquered the world at Quesabesde
+ cycling the world as a photographer at Luminous Landscape
+ from assistant to photographer at PDN Pulse
+ on looking for an assistant at Scott Wyden
+ three reasons you don't need a photography degree at Photodot0
+ stop buying how-to magazines now at Rob Nunn Photo
+ finding time to meditate by John Paul Caponigro

Interviews with Photographers
+ The Vieras at Crash Taylor Interviews (text)
+ Steve McCurry talks to Auttomaatticc's [text] (via dpreview)
+ Tara Minshull at F/Stoppers (text)
+ Krishnendu Saha at Erik Kim Photography (30 minute video interview)
+ Jeff Cable at Improve Photography (audio/podcast)
+ Charlotte Brown at ePhotozine (text)
+ Tim Kemple at Petapixel (text)

Software, Standards, Video, Etc
+ sharing your pictures online at F/Stoppers
+ thoughts on Phase 1 Capture 1 Pro 7 at Iron Creek Photography
+ what's the big deal about H.265 or HEVC at Cinescopophilia
+ is 4K Video worth it? at EOS-HD
+ 4K 48p HFR and the challenges for makeup artists and set designers at EOS HD
+ the Cinema EOS gambit at Through the Looking Glass
+ on the Creative Cloud leaving Adobe's best customers out at 1001 Lousy Cameras

Business & Professional
+ the ethics of photojournalism at NPR Radio (30 min audio discussion) [via SLR L.)
+ pricing and negotiating (sports apparel advertising shoot) at A Photo Editor
+ most bankable fine art photographers at Petapixel
+ are Twitter ads worth it? at Rosh Sillars (audio/podcast)
+ should I work for free? at SLR Lounge
+ legal forms for photographers at PetaPixel
+ UK: step by step photography copyright claims at Amateur Photographer UK
+ on UK copyright law changes at British Journal of Photography
+ SEO for photographers at Photodot0
+ dealing with difficult coworkers at PMA Newsline

Tech Opinions
+ thoughts on tablet computing at The Roving Photographer
+ the demise of HiFi at Cateto blog
+ laptops for photographers at SLR Lounge

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