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December 26, 2012

Officially discontinued: the Canon 5D Mark II (launched September 2008) [updated]

The Canon 5D Mark II is/was/will-be one of the most influential digital SLRs - or as a minimum one of the most talked about models - in recent years. The camera was announced in September 2008 (two-thousand-eight) and it is only now, at the end of 2012 that Canon finally decided to discontinue it. In today's era of ephemeral consumer electronics, a life-cycle of over four years as a current product is mind-blowing! The 5DMk2 became notorious not just for this full-frame-DSLRness, but also for making digital video accessible and "safe" for stills photographers. It was also notorious early in its lifecycle for being nearly impossible to find in-stock.

The 5D Mark II has been around long enough that we had an old format Camera Diary for it and then we migrated to the new format Camera Diary Blog and then we stopped launching and updating "camera diaries" (after the avalanche of new camera announcements). The 5DMk2 has been around that long!

It has been so long that we only have reviews of it using the old-style review lists. Its reviews are also embedded in the left sidebar of the Camera Diary Blog (stopped updating earlier this year).

This is not to say that the camera will magically stop working overnight. We are merely approaching this here from the camera-lifecycle perspective :)

The official discontinuation does not necessarily mean that the camera will magically disappear overnight, especially since this is a four-figure camera. However, some retailers like to "adjust" prices based on news of this kind, so prices are trending upwards by third-party sellers at Amazon. Don't fall for it! You can still get the 5D Mark II body only for $1530 at Adorama (must add to cart to see price) and $1600 with free bag and card at B&H Photo (add to cart to see price).

UPDATE (Dec-27-2012): Imaging Resource contacted Canon USA to ask about the 5D Mark II discontinuation. Canon USA said "no update". But as we all know, Canon Japan is the one wearing the pants in the relationship (Mad Men language!).

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