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December 05, 2012

Newsbytes: Ilford b+w disposable film cameras, Fuji 14/2.8 XF delayed, Serif, Dxo, Divorce, new Canon printers, sensors, etc

Our newsy buffers filled up. Time to empty them with a new Newsbytes round-up... While we try to cover a variety of topics, these are not intended to be comprehensive coverage of everything about everything all the time :)...

New Products
+ Canon announced three new printers and one new photo scanner via dpreview and Engadget et al
+ new filter kits for wide angle lenses by Fotodiox via dpreview et al
+ Ilford announces disposable black and white film cameras via ePhotozine
+ Lomo LC-A+ 20th anniversary edition via Photography Blog et al
+ LTE version of Samsung Galaxy Android camera found in bureaucracies via The Verge
+ RED RAY 4K Cinema video player orderable for $1,450 (because something has to play all those 4K movies you made) via Engadet et al
+ RED CEO talks new sensor and reveals RED will not make more lenses in the near future via No Films School
+ Kingston 64GB Class 10 microSDXC via P. Blog and e-zine

Imaging Software-Not-Warez
+ Serif launches Photo Plus version X6 via dpnow and WDC? et al
+ PhotoZoom 5 is announced via Photography Blog et al
+ Perfect Effects 4 by One On One via Photography Blog
+ Dxo Optics Pro 8.1 is out with more new cameras supported via Photography Blog and dpreview et al
+ Apple 8.0.2 adds eight more cameras via dpreview
+ ACDSee update supports more cameras via dpreview

+ Fuji 14mm f2.8 XF prime lens delayed because of the success of the 18-55mm f2.8-4 OIS lens (or at least that's the story Fuji is telling) via dpreview
+ Olympus is investigating cracked OM-D E-M5 screens via ePhotozine

Mobile News
+ Eye-Fi (maker of wireless memory cards) launches Circ photo sharing services with free storage, available in Android and iOS flavors via The Verge et al
+ Nokia launches Photo Beamer photo-sharing app for its Lumia phones via Engagdet et al
+ Instagram divorces Twitter picture embeds via Connect et al
+ Facebook offers new automatic photo uploads via The Verge
+ Memoto wearable camera surpasses Kickstarter goals via ePhotozine
+ Samsung teases S5K3H5 CMOS sensor (8mp, 1.4um) via Image Sensors World
+ Sharp CMOS sensors revealed in literature via Image Sensors World
+ 500px buys ISO500 app for the chance to hire the two people behind the app (must be the 500!) - via Petapixel et al

Legal News
+ The Nine decide (by non-action) that it is not a crime to record the police via Poynter via APE

Etc, etc, etc
+ Hasselblad Victor magazine now available in print via Photography Blog
+ new Canon Pixma printer firmware improves ink binging via Imaging Resource
+ the Engadget website has been remodeled

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