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December 13, 2012

Mobile Noise Part #2: The Photo Filter Wars, Gear Reviews, and more

A number of new happenings in the world of mobile photography have triggered not one but two impromptu Mobile Noise round-ups. One big headline-grabbing story/non-story are perhaps the developing Photo Filter Wars. Who needs Megapixel Wars when you can have Photo Filter Wars? The other big story was the Flickr iOS app update which we covered separately in Part #1 of the Mobile Noise.

Hard Core Geeks Only
Twitter Engineering has posted a new blog-post (yes, a lot more than 140 characters!) discussing the architecture of their new photo storage system. Spoiler alert: they are using 3.5" 7200rpm hard disks. (via The Next Web)

The Filter Wars
One of the new developments in the Flickr app was the addition of photo filters. Filters were a big topic of conversation in the world of Twitter as well. The Twitter added their own photo filters to the native Twitter app. Discussions on these at The Next Web which offers a feature walk-through and "customizes" the "best XYZ is the one you have" phrase, where XYZ = Photo Filters!

More on the Twitter filters at dpreview Connect and Pixiq and F/S.

The Twitter Photo Filters intersect with Instagram's decision to disconnect the embedding of their pictures in Twitter tweets. With the new development, you have to click to go to the Instagram website to see Instagram pictures in tweets. Previously, an Instagram picture was automatically displayed when you viewed an individual tweet on Twitter (app or website).

Speaking of Instagram, they did not want to be left out of the "Photo Filter Arms Race", so they launched version 3.2 with (yes!) a brand new filter - see The Next Web.

The gap created by Instagram's departure created a rush for other companies/services to fill the void and get the attention of the Twitter photo-sharers. The popularity-continues-to-increase Pinterest is among the companies who now allow their pictures to be embedded in tweets without having to open the picture in a browser. More on that at The Verge and The Engadget.

The "Photo Filter Wars" triggered this sociopolitically funny tweet from the Techmeme founder:

Instagram will be "monetized" eventually
Speaking of Instagram, Facebook, the new owners of Instagram signaled to the world that Facebook is looking to "monetize" Instagram. Details were not given, as to whether it will be ads or something else. (via Techmeme)

Pure Speculation: Facebook is already profiting from other people's data. It's just that the average Facebook user does not see their personal data as valuable or as a "monetizable" property. Most Facebook users (at the moment) don't see their "social graph" as part of their intellectual property portfolio. They don't see it the same way they would look at their photographs or their e-books or their paintings or their Etsies. But as we move deeper and deeper into a digital economy, this is likely going to change. In the meantime, will Facebook try to come up with a scheme to license/profit from pictures posted on Instagram? They are already getting away with it with people's personal data :)

Mobile Photography: Gear-centric
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Mobile Photography: App-centric
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