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December 13, 2012

Mobile Noise Part #1: Flickr updates iOS app (strangely gets rave reviews)

Yahoo/Flickr generated a lot of headlines, and strangely enough, there were not complaints. In fact, they even got some raving reviews! What did they do?

Yahoo updated the Flickr iPhone app, making it version 2.0, requiring iOS 4.3 or later and optimized for iPhone 5. The update is currently only on iOS. The Android app has not been updated at the same time, but some of the features introduces earlier on Android have made it in the iOS app.

The app is getting a lot of coverage on the internets, so let's get started with the coverage. Thomas Hawk, who is definitely not shy about aggressively criticizing Flickr/Yahoo non-stop, finds the new app really^4 mind-blowingly fantastic as he goes through the app.

The app generated a lot of interest, both in the photo-blogo-sphere, and the techie-blogo-sphere. Here is a sampling of the many posts written about it:

+ description of the updates at CNet News and flickr blog
+ hands-on video at Engadget
+ getting started at CNet (for beginners)
+ The Next Web
+ PetaPixel
+ The Phoblographer
+ Focus Numerique
+ Pixiq
+ The Digital Story who has a 4-hour Flickr Essentials Training class at
+ opinion by Nick Bilton (NYT Bits)

Excitement generated by a Flickr/Yahoo update was not a typical thing the last few years. And it may not even be randomness, because the Yahoo Mail update also generated a lot of positive impressions. Perhaps the Google-hired Marissa Meyer is indeed breathing badly-needed fresh air into the digitally-stale world of Yahoo?

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