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December 2012 (89 posts)

December 31: Happy New Year (yes, 2013 is almost here!)
December 31: Cameras of the Year in 2012 and The Future: a round-up of what various websites and blogs think
December 30: Camera & Lens Reviews pages updated (15 cameras, 8 lenses) [last DC Resource review ever published!]
December 30: Olympus Executives: Non-FT camera compatible with Four Thirds lenses in later 2013
December 30: Practical Patent: Digital Back for Film SLRs (by Nikon)
December 30: Toshiba fires 20-megapixel 1/2.3" backlit CMOS missile in Megapixel Wars
December 29: Pentax Deal: Yellow K-01 with 40mm XS pancake for $317
December 28: Dxomark evaluates the Nikon V2 and partially the Sony A99
December 28: Pentax 645D body can now handle stabilized lenses (firmware update)
December 27: Camera & Lens Reviews pages updated (11 cameras, 5 lenses)
December 27: Toshiba reveals Light Field Photography project (oppa Lytro style!)
December 26: Officially discontinued: the Canon 5D Mark II (launched September 2008) [updated]
December 26: Debate-a-thon among dpreview users: Camera of the Year
December 26: New Quietly Released P&S camera: Sony Cybershot W730 (8x optical OSS Zeiss)
December 26: Flickr offers three months of free Flickr Pro to new AND existing members
December 21: Full Frame DSLRs get 6% back in Rewards: Canon 6D, 5DMk3, Nikon D600, D800*, Sony A99, Pentax 645D, etc, etc, etc
December 21: (ENDED) Free Overnight shipping ends Saturday 3pm ET [updated]
December 20: dpreview rounds up nine 1/1.x" to 1-inch RAWsumers (G15 to XF1 to RX100)
December 20: Polaroid will launch Android-based Interchangeable Lens camera at CES/PMA 2013
December 20: M&A News: Adobe buys Behance (not early April Fools)
December 20: (ENDED) Free Overnight Shipping specials continue (ENDED: Panasonic G3, GF5, FZ150) [updated]
December 19: Sony RX1 in-stock and with shipping! [updated]
December 18: Instagram responds to criticism about use of pictures, falls on sword, claims misinterpretation
December 18: (OLDER POST) Now shipping: Sony RX1 for $2,800
December 17: Shop and Support the Noisy Blog!
December 17: Near-instant video uploads with new YouTube Capture app (iOS only for now)
December 17: Camera & Lens Reviews pages updated (7 cameras, 4 lenses)
December 17: Dxomark launches the Perceptual Megapixel metric for camera/lens combinations
December 17: DC Resource closing, but Jeff Keller moving to dpreview
December 17: PhotographyLife's Battle of Seven Mirrorless Cameras Part #2: Dynamic Range
December 17: New Instagram terms of service, they can use your pictures in advertisments without consent or compensation [updated]
December 17: (OLDER POST) Monday shopper: Canon L-lenses at B&H (also: discounts on Fuji XF1, Nikon V1, free 1-day shipping)
December 16: Technical Reading: Analysis of Dxomark sensor testing at LL
December 16: Opinion Soup: Gear, DIY, Learnings, Creativity, Business, Interviews, etc
December 16: Adobe releases Lightroom 4.3 and ACR 7.3 with more new cameras supported
December 14: In-stock now: Kindle Paperwhite Wi-Fi for $120 (or $140 without ads)
December 14: Photography Life starts The Battle of Mirrorless: Low Light Performance
December 14: Cameraholic Digest: RX1, A99, D600, Eos-M, NEX-6, E-PL5, V2, X-F1, P7700, etc
December 14: Sony RX1 In-Stock, shipping December 18 [updated]
December 14: (ENDED) Potential deal at 1:30pm ET: Panasonic GX1 w/14-42 X silver
December 13: (ENDED) Nikon Full Frame Discounts: D600 w/24-85mm drops to $2000 (D800* drop $200 each)
December 13: B&H Photo launches a wave of Camera and Lens Specials
December 13: Mobile Noise Part #2: The Photo Filter Wars, Gear Reviews, and more
December 13: Mobile Noise Part #1: Flickr updates iOS app (strangely gets rave reviews)
December 13: Camera & Lens Reviews pages updated (15+ cameras, 3 lenses)
December 13: Panasonic News: Sanyo digital cameras business to be ejected (and GH3 delayed)
December 13: DxOMarK tests the Canon 6D full framer
December 13: Impact review: Nikon D600 at Imaging Resource
December 12: Pentax launches Pentax 645D MF without IR filter (100 copies)
December 12: Impact Review: Sony Alpha A99 at dpreview [update: and Photo Review too!]
December 12: (DEAD) Panasonic GF5 w/14-42mm Power zoom for $500
December 11: The Full Frame Digest: Sony RX1, A99, Canon 6D, Nikon D600, Alpa 12 FPS, etc
December 11: The APS-C Digest: SD1, X-E1, NEX-6, NEX-5R, K-5*, EOS-m, etc
December 11: The Smaller Sensor Digest (iLCies): GH3, E-PL5, V2, V1, Q, etc
December 11: The Smaller Sensor Digest (Fixed Lens): G15, SX50, P7700, FZ200, Android, etc
December 11: Adobe launches exclusive new features to the Creative Cloud only (User Revolution In Progress)
December 11: Adobe News: stricter upgrade policy next year (also: Creative Cloud for Teams launched)
December 11: Camera & Lens Reviews pages updated (11 cameras, 2 lenses)
December 11: Cosina discontinues Zeiss Ikon production
December 11: New Hasselblad H-system Macro Converter lens for 1200 euro
December 11: Pentax K-5 IIs also gets the DxoMark treatment
December 11: (DEAD) D-Rebel Deal: T4i w/18-55 for $600 (or T4i w/18-135 for $800) [and free backpack/SDHC]
December 11: (SOLD OUT) In-stock now: Sony RX1 for $2800
December 10: New Quietly Released P&S cameras: Nikon Coolpix S9050 and Sony W710
December 10: (ENDED) Monday lightning specials: Olympus E-P3 (all day: $50 off 8.9" Kindle Fire HDs)
December 10: (ENDED) Panasonic LX7 for $300 [updated]
December 9: App World: Photo filters coming to Twitter for the Holidays
December 9: (ENDED) Potential deal at 3:30pm ET: Olympus E-PL3 w/17mm pancake
December 8: Frenemies Google and Apple jointly bid for Kodak's patents
December 7: (DEAD) Rokinon 14mm f2.5 (Canon) for $300 [updated]
December 6: Mobile Noise: Free Snapseed for Android 4.0+ (also: Triggertrap, iPad Mini, Photo Apps, etc)
December 6: Stock Status update: IN-STOCK (Fuji X-E1, Canon 6D) & OUT (RX1, GH3)
December 6: Holiday Season Camera Specials: V1, 50/1.4, T4i, D7000, XF1, X10, G3, LX5, NEX-5n, etc
December 6: Cameraholic Digest: E-PL5, E-PM2, XZ2, P7700, 1D X, NEX-6, RX1, Galaxy Android,
December 5: Newsbytes: Ilford b+w disposable film cameras, Fuji 14/2.8 XF delayed, Serif, Dxo, Divorce, new Canon printers, sensors, etc
December 5: Mobile Noise: DxoMark goes crazy, reviews the iPhone 5, 4S, 4, iPad, Galaxy S3, S2, PureView 808
December 5: Camera & Lens Reviews pages updated (12 cameras, 3 lenses)
December 5: Dxomark evaluated the Canon G15 last week
December 4: (ENDED) Lightning Deals: Canon T2i w/18-55 & 55-250 for $630 (starts at 5:30pm ET: Elph 510HS)
December 3: APS-C Digest: The Sony NEX-6 and Pentax K-5 II* show (mostly)
December 3: The Smaller Sensor Digest: Nikon V2, V1, Fuji XF1, E-PL5, G15, S110, LX7, P7700, superzooms, etc
December 3: (ENDED) Potential deals: Rokinon 85/1.4 (Canon) and Sony A35 w/18-55 (also: Fuji X-F1 for $450)
December 2: Catching up with the EOS-M: reviews, hands-on, AF duel w/E-M5, hacking, etc
December 2: Full Frame DSLR Digest: Canon 6D, 5DMk3, 1Dx, Nikon D600, D800, Sony A99
December 2: Catching up with the Panasonic GH3: ISO comp, sample vids, vs E-M5 high-ISOz, etc
December 2: Deals Digest: Nikon V1 w/10-30 for $300, Sony NEX-5n w/18-55 & $50 GC for $500, etc
December 1: Fuji X-E1 with 18-55mm and free filter for $1400 in both colors
December 1: Catching up with the Sony RX1: previews and samples and lab tests and availability
December 1: Olympus whistleblower CEO interviewed (his book is now available for purchase)


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