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December 21, 2012

Full Frame DSLRs get 6% back in Rewards: Canon 6D, 5DMk3, Nikon D600, D800*, Sony A99, Pentax 645D, etc, etc, etc

For two years, there was a big full frame drought. Now it is raining full frame cameras left and right. Well, okay, that may be a slight exaggeration, but the increasing number of full frame DSLRs means more specials as well!

Amazon has launched a new promotion that gets you 6% back in rewards on these full frame and MF DSLRs. The promotion ends 1/1/13 or earlier.

The eligible cameras are full framers (and beyond) that cost $1995 or higher:

+ Canon 1D X and three 6D kits and two 5DMk3 kits and 5DMk2 w/24-105L
+ Nikon three D600 kits and D800 and D800E and D3x and D4
+ Sony Alpha A99
+ Pentax 645D

The 6% promotional rewards are not cash and cannot be converted to cash. You can spend them at 35 days after your order ships. Once they are activated, you have six months to spend them. See promotion details.

For a refresher on these cameras, check the list of Full Frame DSLR reviews and Pentax 645D reviews.

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