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December 02, 2012

Full Frame DSLR Digest: Canon 6D, 5DMk3, 1Dx, Nikon D600, D800, Sony A99

And now let us round up some of the latest happenings in the world of 35mm full frame DSLRs. A lot of them hatched this year, after a rather barren couple of years. Will this year be remembered as The Year of Full Frame? We blog, you decide/deride!

Nikon D800*
+ D800 review at Imaging Resource
+ EyeFi firmware update fixes D800* issues via Pop Photo
+ reference: completed D800 reviews and D800e reviews

Nikon D600
+ review at Photo Review
+ D600 dirty deeds may be a temporary issue that self-resolves over time, something like 3000+ shots at Petapixel and Imaging Resource et al
+ I am sure audiophiles will smile knowingly, "we have to burn them in too" ;-)
+ D600 on-going action continues at Sound Image Plus
+ reference: completed D600 reviews
+ 25% off rentals of Nikon D600 body only at BorrowLenses with coupon BLDOW (place rental order by Dec-10-2012 at 3am ET)

Sony Alpha A99
+ A99 plays United Nations between the Nikons and Canons ;-)
+ featured user review at Photography Review (click "READ MORE" to see it all - unformatted text)

Canon 1D X
+ gadget-blog review at Pocket Lint
+ reference: completed 1D X reviews

Canon 5D Mark III
+ tested with 42 lenses at Questions Photo, a 220 page report in French for 15 euro (via LMdlP)
+ reference: completed 5D Mark III reviews
+ body only drops to $3000: Adorama and B&H Photo and Amazon
+ 25% off rentals of Canon 5D Mark III body only at BorrowLenses with coupon BLDOW (place rental order by Dec-10-2012 at 3am ET)

Canon 6D
+ 6D opened up - what's inside? at Lens Rentals blog
+ real-world JPEG and RAW samples at Focus Numerique (caution: BEARS!)
+ 6D quick autofocus test at Lens Rentals blog
+ beta samples at What Digital Camera?
+ beta video footage by Johnnie Behiri at Cinema 5D
+ 6D is in-stock - see Stock Status page which is also Javascript-embedded below...

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