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December 13, 2012

DxOMarK tests the Canon 6D full framer

The Dxomark continues at full speed! They have now published their findings on the Canon 6D full frame DSLR. You can check their test results along with their analysis of their measurements, and their comparisons versus other cameras.

As usual, please keep in mind that Dxomark is a specific set of tests. It is not intended to be an end-to-end camera system evaluation.

We only have one other completed review of the camera at the Review stream, it was published at CNet Asia. If you are reading this blog-post in the future-future, you can find more reviews at the list of Canon 6D reviews.

Availability wise, both Canon 6D kits are in-stock at their opening prices and with a number of free accessories. Check the latest updates at the Canon 6D stock status page.

Canon 6D vs other Canons
+ 6D vs 5D Mark III vs 5D Mark II - vs the 5D*
+ 6D vs 1D X vs 1D V - vs 1D-space-*
+ 6D vs 1Ds Mark III vs 1Ds Mark II - vs 1Ds* mainframes
+ 6D vs 7D vs 60D - vs APS-C leaders

Canon 6D vs Los Others Brands
+ Canon 6D vs Nikon D600 - made for TV PPV wrestlemania
+ 6D vs Nikon D800 vs D800E - vs Nikon D800*
+ 6D vs Nikon D700 vs D4 - vs more Nikon full framers - lQQK - the 6D has a similar score to the D700!
+ 6D vs Nikon D7000 vs D90 - vs APS-C leaders (along with D300s)
+ 6D vs Sony Alpha A99 vs RX1 (not measured yet)
+ 6D vs Sony Alpha A900 vs A850 - vs first Alpha digital full framers
+ 6D vs Pentax 645D - vs Pentax MF
+ 6D vs latest Leica models (not measured yet)
+ 6D vs Leica M9 vs M8 - vs measured M-rangefinders
+ 6D vs Apple iPod Touch (not measured yet)

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