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December 17, 2012

Dxomark launches the Perceptual Megapixel metric for camera/lens combinations

Meta-news on the pixel-peeping front now! Dxomark has launched a new metric when evaluating camera and lens combinations, the P-Mpix, the Perceptual Megapixel. For the speed readers, this is perCeptual, not perPetual. The new metric and how it can be used to help photographers making gear-related decisions is explained at DxoMark and dpreview.

It is discussed in the dpreview Comments. Introducing a single catch-all metric has its risks and that is what Richard Murdey is hinting at in the dpreview Comments with this: "There is something soul-crushing about this, like frat boys scoring women on a 0-10 scale".

On the topic of DxoMark, in case you missed it during the weekend, Peter van der Hamer updated his DxoMark meta-analysis at Luminous Landscape.

The above article by Peter vd Hamer triggered a new blog-post at Sans Mirror talking Mirrorless vs The World.

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