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December 28, 2012

Dxomark evaluates the Nikon V2 and partially the Sony A99

DxoSanta is ending the year with 1.5 gifts under the Pixel-Peeping Tree! We start with the Sony Alpha A99. As of the time of writing, the lab test results are empty at the Sony A99 Dxomark page, however, Dxomark has published their comparative review of the camera, which reveals the overall test-scores. Dxomark includes comparisons to the Nikon D600 + D800 and the Canon 5DMk3 + 1Dx. Spoiler-alert: the one thing that stands out is that the ISO score for the A99 is half (!) of the Nikon full framers! Since the A99 results are not available in the Dxomark database, we can't yet do our usual link-a-thon-comparison-a-thon for the Sony A99.

For more opinions on the Alpha A99, check the list of completed Sony A99 reviews.

The A99 body only is part of the 6% promotional rewards promotion at Amazon. 6% of $2800 = $168 in promotional rewards to spend at Amazon in the future! Promotion expires 1/1/13. Rewards will be activated 35 days after your order ships. See aforelinked page for more details.

Nikon V2 dances with DxoMarky Mark
On the completed Dxomark results + comparison front, DxoMark evaluated the Nikon V2, the current leader of the Nikon "Angry Inch" 1-System CX mirrorless system. These are their test results and this is their comparative analysis.

Nikon V2 Vs 1-inch sensor cameras
+ V2 vs V1 vs J1 - vs first generation 1-System cameras
+ V2 vs J2 - vs 2nd-generation models
+ V2 vs Sony RX100 - vs 1-inch sensor fixed-lens camera

Nikon V2 vs Fixed Lens Cameras
+ V2 vs Canon G15 vs S110 - vs latest Canon 1/1.x" models
+ V2 vs Panasonic LX7 and Olympus XZ2 (not measured yet)
+ V2 vs Panasonic LX5 vs Olympus XZ-1 - vs 1/1.x" compacts with RAW
+ V2 vs Fuji X-F1 vs Samsung EX2f (not measured yet)
+ V2 vs Fuji X10 vs X100 - vs 2/3" and APS-C cameras

Nikon V2 vs Other Mirrorless Cameras
+ V2 vs Pentax Q - vs Pentax 1/2.x" mirrorless experiment
+ V2 vs Pentax Q10 (not measured yet)
+ V2 vs Olympus E-M5 vs E-P3 - vs line-up leaders
+ V2 vs Olympus E-PL5 vs E-PM2 - vs most recent E-Pens
+ V5 vs Panasonic G5 vs GF5 - vs Panasonic 5ers
+ V2 vs Panasonic GH2 vs GX1 - vs more advanced Pana M43rds models
+ V2 vs Panasonic GH3 (not measured yet)

Nikon V2 vs APS-C sensors
+ V2 vs Pentax K-01 vs K-30 DSLR - vs Pentax APS-C
+ V2 vs Sony NEX-5N vs NEX-5R - vs Sony NEX 5-series
+ V2 vs Sony NEX-6 vs NEX-7 - vs NEX leaders
+ V2 vs Nikon D3200 vs D3100 - vs entry-level Nikon APS-C DSLRs
+ V2 vs Canon D-Rebel T4i/650D vs T3i/600D - vs latest D-Rebel DSLRs
+ V2 vs Canon EOS-M (not measured yet)
+ V2 vs Fuji X-E1 vs X-Pro1 (not measured yet)
+ we could go on for hours with this, but at some point, it becomes completely ridiculous, so we have to stop :)

The Nikon V2 is priced like a newly-released flagship-type of product, but if you want to test the waters of the Nikon "Angry Inch" CX 1-System, the first generation models are on sale. For example, the Nikon V1 w/10-30 goes for $300 at B&H Photo while two different two-lens kits go for $400 each at B&H Photo. On the other hand, if you want to try the J1, you can get it refurbished with the 10-30mm lens for $260 in red or $270 in black at Adorama.

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