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December 05, 2012

Dxomark evaluated the Canon G15 last week

It escaped us last week, but DxoMark evaluated the current leader of the Canon 1/1.x" compacts-with-RAW, the Powershot G15. As usual, they have provided their lab measurements along with discussion of their results and discussion of comparisons between it and other cameras in their databases.

As usual, please note that Dxomark measurements are specific measurements and tests. They are not intended to be end-to-end camera system evaluations. A number of other factors affect the final image quality.

For more opinions on the Canon G15, check its list of completed reviews. For reviews of all the cameras occupying the fixed-lens-with-RAW segment, check the list of completed RAWsumer reviews.

Canon G15 vs Other 1/1.x" Compacts avec RAWeaux
+ G15 vs G12 vs G11 - vs previous 1/1.x" G-series
+ G15 vs S110 vs S100 - vs most recent 1/1.x" S-series
+ G15 vs Nikon Coolpix P7700 (not measured yet)
+ G15 vs Nikon Coolpix P7100 vs P7000 - vs Nikon 1/1.x" models
+ G15 vs Panasonic LX7 (not measured yet)
+ G15 vs Panasonica LX5 vs LX3 - vs LX-series
+ G15 vs Olympus Stylus XZ-2 (not measured yet)
+ G15 vs Olympus XZ-1 - vs Olympus 1/1.x"
+ G15 vs Samsung EX2f (not measured yet)
+ G15 vs Samsung EX1 - vs Samsung's 1/1.x"

Canon G15 vs Larger Sensor Compacts avec RAWeaux
+ G15 vs Fuji X-F1 (not measured yet)
+ G15 vs Fuji X10 vs X-S1 - vs Fuji's 2/3" sensored chimeras
+ G15 vs Sony RX100 - vs Sony's 1" rawsumer
+ G15 vs Nikon J2 vs V1 - vs Nikon's 1" iLCies
+ G15 vs G1x vs Fuji X100: vs APS-Cish sensors

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