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December 20, 2012

dpreview rounds up nine 1/1.x" to 1-inch RAWsumers (G15 to XF1 to RX100)

If you are trying to decide which compact-with-RAW digital camera to get among the ones with sensor sizes between 1/1.x" and 1-inch, dpreview published a 12-page round-up report squaring off the 1-inch Sony RX100, the 2/3" Fuji X10 and X-F1 and the 1/1.x" Canon G15 and S110 and Nikon Kewlpix P7700 and Olympus Stylus XZ-2 and Panasonica LX7 and Samsung EXf2.

As usual, we won't spoil the findings here, but if you are in hurry, or running out of battery, you can jump to the conclusions before jumping to conclusions. Picks were made, and five of the nine cameras got ribbons, but only two were selected as the best all-arounders.

The group-test is discussed in the dpreview Comments along with the dpreview Fuji forum and dpreview Nikon forum and Serious Compacts forums.

For a variety of opinions on the above cameras, check the list of completed RAWsumer reviews.

PS: all apologies for falling behind again! A combination of the increased holiday shopping season specials and "stubborn burnout syndrome".

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