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December 31, 2012

Cameras of the Year in 2012 and The Future: a round-up of what various websites and blogs think

The Planet is one foot in 2012 and another foot in 2013! Before 2012 goes completely away, let us take a look at the Best of 2012 and Predictions for the future - according to a variety of websites and blogs and the internets. Please note this is only a sampling, we can't post everything everyone has ever written about everything :)

Cameras of the Year
Perhaps one of the most credible among the thousands of photography gurus on the internets, Thom Hogan has given two e-hardware awards as cameras of the year at his Sans Mirror website. Since it is a mirrorless website, only mirrorless cameras were considered. One award for the Serious Camera of the Year and the other was for the Entry Level Camera of the Year. We won't spoil it here, but *spoiler alert* fractions!

Dpreview has just published their results of their User Poll for Camera of the Year. Only registered dpreview members were allowed to vote. The top three cameras were revealed. We won't spoil the winner here, but *spoiler alert* it wasn't a full frame DSLR! Find out and see what other dpreview users think in the comments. And if you are in a comment-reading immersion mood, here are 1500+ comments discussing the original post at dpreview.

Most websites, especially the ones who depend on direct contact and interaction with the camera manufacturers avoid making any kind of negative remarks or giving cameras "Below Average" review scores. But Luminous Landscape is not afraid and boldly goes to give awards not only to the best of 2012 but also the worst of 2012. It's all good unless your favorite cameras are included in the Worst of 2012. Then, in a fit of rage, you start seeing the intense colors of rage, you invoke magical incantations, and eventually reach the point of lunacy! (spoiler alert).

What about the camera of the year selected by a working-photographer + photography-books-author + photography-blogger? Yes, we are taking about the camera of the year at The Visual Science Lab by Kirk Tuck. Spoiler alert: It's not full frame!

Top Five now and EOS-HD reveals their top five digital video and stills cameras of 2012. There's variety in the top five! Spoiler alert: a video-priority camera won!

Once upon a time they were a power contender, but nowadays AA batteries have fallen out of favor with digital camera manufacturers. But that doesn't mean they stopped making AA-powered cameras. ePhotozine picks their top ten AA-powered P&S cameras of the year.

The Year in Review
Reuters published their top 98 pictures of 2012. Click on Play Slideshow if you don't want to go through them one by one (note: some images may include graphic or "offensive" content). But that's not all! Reddit users combed through the EXIF data and charted the most frequently used cameras and lenses in those 98 images (via Camera Hoarders).

Pixiq goes month to month to recap the happenings in the world of cameras and photography in 2012. A few of the cameras turned out to be chimeras ;-)

Conventional digital wisdom would suggest that new magazine starts would crumble in the digital era, but that ain't necessarily so! The British Journal of Photography picked the new noteworthy magazines of 2012.

How about some of the most viral stories of the year? Some of them intersect with the top ten posts of 2012 at PetaPixel.

To personalize things to the individual photographer level, here is the year in review for working professional photographer Ryan Brenizer.

The Future
We want things from camera manufacturers, but what should camera manufacturers want for themselves? Roger Cicala got in their shoes and posted a Dear Santa blog-post suggesting what each manufacturer should ask Santa for.

Quesabesde has published ten predictions for 2013 (computer-translated), and they include a number of new digital camera models from many of the major players.

You are a Nikon die-hard and want more new lenses. Which ones do you want to see? Photography Life published their take on the most desirable future Nikon lenses. Not included in the list is my personal wishlist favorite, I am really looking forward to a 18-800mm f64-f5120 DX VR-XXXIV ;-)

To personalize things to the individual photographer level, here are the photographic new year resolutions of Ming Thein for 2013.

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