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December 11, 2012

Adobe launches exclusive new features to the Creative Cloud only (User Revolution In Progress)

Adobe is playing with fire as they continue to irritate traditional-Photoshop users, you know, the ones who paid thousands and thousands of dollars over the last couple of decades on Adobe products. They have launched a new wave of promising features that are available only for the Creative Cloud. The new features are explained at the official Photoshop blog.

You can also watch a 12-minute Adobe video YouTube-embedded below highlighting the new features...

The Adobe User Revolution will be televised
Adobe is getting hammered even more on this blatant attempt to herd everyone to the cloud. Traditional Adobe products receive all sorts of updates, just look at the sub-version and sub-sub-version numbers, so the excuse that "you would have to wait until CS7" to get these features is a pure 404. On Adobe's own blog, they received comments like this:

"As a longtime user of Photoshop, both as a photographer and as a photography and post-production instructor, I’m appalled by this. I can see why you would want to develop your cloud provision, but penalising your current customer base doesn’t strike me as the best way to do it. Please provide the same updates for those of us who have paid for your software." by Chromasia

"I bought a Photoshop CS6 license for $1000. When I did, there was no mention that it would not be given features that the subscription license was given. Now, after spending $1K on Ps, I’m out of luck. This is simply disgusting. Entirely unacceptable, especially at this price point." by Nathan G.

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