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November 13, 2012

Viewers Like You - Please Help Support This Blog - Yes You!

One of the riddles the internets have not yet been able to solve is how to produce useful online content without subjecting readers and visitors to annoying and flashy banner ads that pop-up, pop-under, stall, crash, and slow down browsers. Many different people and companies are trying many different things, and we are part of the experiment! We have removed ad-network banner ads from the main blog (this one), which are typically the most annoying kind of ads.

We are instead relying almost entirely on YOU, the readers and consumers of this blog. We are using affiliate programs, which pay this blog a small percentage for each purchase made through our affiliate links. So YOU trigger the funding of the blog and YOU decide whether this blog lives or 404s :)

Easiest Way to Help!
The easiest way to help support this blog is to make your every day purchases, big or small, whether they are cameras or lenses or books or DVDs or lens caps or coffee machines or coffee filters or just about everything else through some of the premier online retailers that we have affiliate partnerships with, including and Best Buy and Adorama and B&H Photo and many more you can find through the Noisy Mall.

Why Would You Help? Should You Help?
Good question! This blog is like a butler service! We do most of the dirty hunter-gatherer work, so you won't have to! We save thousands of photographers thousands of hours by finding and organizing the latest happenings in a relatively easy to consume fashion!

The main blog alone has 7,000+ blog-posts! And buried among the waves and waves of updates is a variety of potentially useful reference pages! Here are some examples:

+ Photography Trade Show Calendar (2012, 2013)
+ New Cameras by Year: 2012 and 2011 and 2010 and 2009 and 2008
+ detailed New Camera Announcement round-ups (600+ announcements)
+ lists of completed reviews of Lenses and interesting Digital Cameras, filtered and pruned
+ regular catered round-ups like the Opinion Soup and Cameraholic Digest and Mobile Noise
+ waves of camera discounts, specials, deals, in-stock alerts and more at the Camera Deals blog
+ the annual Year In Review series
+ unusually unusual things like the Mr. DSLR vs Mr. Mirrorless Presidential Debate
+ and lots more

Yes, You Can Help Without Shopping!
Yes, you can help support this blog without shopping! Absolutely! Here are some easy ways:

+ tell your friends
+ tell your Twitter friends
+ tell your Forum friends
+ tell your Google+ friends
+ tell your Stumble Upon friends
+ tell your Reddit friends
+ tell your Facebook friends
+ tell your *.* friends

But What If You Hate This Blog?
What if you don't like this blog? Well, then, tell your Enemies about it! It will drive them crazy! They will be lost in never-ending waves of posts and round-ups and confusions and they will never be able to escape the maze! Your enemies will suffer greatly and they will be trapped for eternity! So tell your enemies on Twitter and the Forums and Facebook and Google+ to visit this blog ;-)

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