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November 09, 2012

SLR Magic abandons Leica M rangefinder lenses (T-lenses continue)

The catch-up-a-thon is in progress, so expect a wave of posts in the next few hours! All apologies for falling behind, stubborn burnout is unfortunately ...stubborn!

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Leica M-purists have claimed victory earlier in the week as they managed to chase away SLR Magic from making M-mount rangefinder lenses for stills photography. Victory is proclaimed in the Rangefinder Forum. Press release at the GetDPI forums. SLR Magic will continue with the anamorphic T-lenses.

That is what SLR Magic claims, but if you read what they wrote, it reeks of spin: "It is hard to develop in a market where users do not want another alternative to Leica lenses and that is understandable.". I am pretty sure there are thousands of Leica photographers who use non-Leica lenses and they are very happy with them :) Surely, Leica nativism was not the main/only issue?

Also, this was bad strategic spin from SLR Magic. Because the same Leica photographers who they antagonize are some of the same people who could have been buying their "mirrorless lenses" for the Sony NEX system and other mirrorless mounts :)

Not to mention that a name like "SLR Magic" is not exactly the best way to pander to rangefinder and mirrorless system photographers ;-)

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