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November 14, 2012

Resurrection Ship: Ten Ritz/Wolf stores re-open under Mike's Camera

Unless the talk is of Apple stores, news of brick and mortar is often of doom and gloom, store closings and layoffs and lo$$es and such. But there are ten rays of sunshine today (oh dear, we are getting too soft in our old digital age), as Mike's Camera of Colorado has decided to pick up ten of the previously closed Ritz and Wolf stores. Mike's will keep the staff members but not the Ritz/Wolf inventory which they deemed "old". That determination is a promising sign perhaps as Ritz/Wolf was a little too behind the times. Half of the re-opening stores will be in Mike's home state of Colorad[o/a], and the other half will be in the extended Northern California region.

Details at the Colorado Springs Gazette (via PMA News Line).

Who is Mike's Camera and are they related to Mike and The Mechanics or Mike's Hard Lemonade? Probably not on the last two, but you can find out more about them at their website ;-)

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