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November 05, 2012

Recap of Epic Cameraholic Digest round-ups: eight new episodes today!

We finally concluded an epic catch-up-a-thon that brings you nine new blog-posts published on Sunday, starting with a brand new Opinion Soup round-up, covering opinions published the last three weeks.

We finally caught up with the Cameraholic Digest updates. You can find the new Cameraholic Digest posts by paging down for eternity or jumping through the links right below, presented in alphabetical order:

+ Canon-related action (1D X, EoS-M, T4i, G15, S110, SX50 HS, etc)

+ Fuji-related action (X-E1, X-F1, X-Pro1, etc)

+ Nikon-related action (D600, D800*, V2, J2, P7700, S800c Android, etc)

+ Olympus-related action (E-M5, E-PL5, XZ-2, etc)

+ Panasonic-related action (GH3, 35-100, pancake dissect, GF5, G5, GX1, FZ200, etc)

+ Pentax-related action (K-5 II*, K-30, X-5, etc)

+ Samsung-related action (NX20, NX1000, Galaxy, EX2f, etc)

+ Sony-related action (A99, NEX-6, NEX-5R, NEX-7, RX100, HX200v, etc)

+ there was a lot of stuff to cover, so we broke it down by camera manufacturer. The manufacturers that didn't have enough action to get their own round-up will be carried forward to the next regular Cameraholic Digest

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