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November 01, 2012

(ENDED) Potential Deals: Panasonic LX5, Sony H90, DSLR accessories, etc

We are just over three weeks away from Black Friday and Amazon is not waiting for Black Friday. They are launching daily specials as part of their Countdown to Black Friday.

We can't always check the latest specials every hour, so we also included a link to the Amazon Black Friday Month at the top of the main blog pages.

For more specials as they happen, stay tuned to the Camera Deals blog.

Not part of the daily specials but the discounted prices remain for the Olympus XZ-1 black going for $200 and the Sigma DP1x for $300.

Expired items are after the jump...

Almost all of Thursday's Camera and Photo specials expired. The Panasonic LX5 black had been offered for $250 and the Sony H90 black bundle offered for $150. These expired since.

The prices will be revealed when each individual product goes live. These are limited time offers. Typically the better the price, the faster it sells out. The highlights of Thursday's specials are the Panasonic LX5 going live at 9am Eastern (also accessible through the Lightning Deals section of the regular Amazon Gold Box), and the Sony H90 black bundle going live at 9:30am Eastern. Also participating in Thursday's round are DSLR accessories from Dolica, Joby, Lowepro, Apurture and Cinetics.

The prices will be revealed through the Lightning Deals widgets as soon as they go live. We do not know what the prices are until they go live.

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