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November 18, 2012

Opinion Soup: mirrorless future, lenses, evaluating gear, photo books, creativity, nifty fifty hackery, etc

Winter is coming. The temperatures are falling. Rain is singing on the roof. The nights are longer. The perfect time for some soup, an Opinion Soup! If you missed any of the previous episodes, they are all waiting for you in the Opinion Soup vending machine.

Mirrorless Must Reads
+ mirrorless, gap filler or disruptive innovation at Camera Ergonomics
+ the near future of mirrorless by Thom Hogan Sans Mirror

+ ten compact film cameras we are still passionate about (rough translation) at Quesabesde (computer-translated)
+ what to look for when evaluating Used and New Gear by Ming Thein
+ on the latest DSLR price increases and MAP - a round-up of discussions at Planet 5D blog
+ on the latest CIPA mirrorless report at Sans Mirror
+ clearing up the myth of higher resolution, shot discipline and image quality once and for all at Ming Thein
+ on switching camera systems at Borrow Lenses blog
+ mirrorless, the quest for the best at Photography Life (just look at that camera box pile!)
+ fun times: DSLR vs Mirrorless Kai-style (YouTube Digital Rev video) discussed at SLR Lounge

+ audio opinions (podcast) on lenses at Team Dojo
+ in defense of telephoto lenses for street photography at Peta Pixel
+ primes vs lenses at PentaxForums Blog
+ WTF/perplexed on the new Canon 24-70mm f4 at L/Stoppers

Creativity, Inspiration, Etc
+ what's trending in photography? by Kirk Tuck [MUST READ!]
+ the four stages of creative evolution of a photographer by Ming Thein
+ leaving the corporate world for the streets of Kuala Lumpur, interview with Ming Thein at Leica Camera blog
+ notable photo books of 2012 part #1 selected by PDN Online
+ five things every creative person should get and give at the Chase Jarvis Experience
+ reviews/opinions on the "Seduced by Art: Photography Past and Present" exhibition at the National Gallery in London at Evening Standard and Telegraph (via PetaPixel)
+ an open letter to a new photography blogger at Lightning Essentials
+ one year, one camera, one lens at Eric Kim Photography
+ keeping it real at Sound Image Plus

DIY, Tutorials, Tips, .Edu
+ how to give an old nifty fifty a new life at DIY Photography
+ on selecting a satisfying photography seminar at Canon Blogger
+ how to eliminate background distractions at Photography Life
+ how to make a smartphone tripod mount at CNet Australia
+ using a DSLR to scan negative film at Steve Huff Post
+ twenty simple ways to customize your camera at Pop Photo
+ infographic on the effects of various light modifiers at B&H Insights
+ squeeze more out of ink cartridges with a blow dryer at Laptop magazine via Lifehacker via PetaPixel

Photography as a Social Issues Disruptor
+ drug abuse portraits by Roman Sakovich (via Chase Jarvis) [some of the images may disturb some people]
+ interview with war photographer Ben Lowy Part One and Part Two at A Photo Editor (via duckrabbit)
+ Mormonism and Homosexuality at F/Stoppers (some of the images may offend some people)
+ how the wrong photo almost cost an Iranian professor her life at Pop Photo

Photo Sharing and Social(ist) Media
+ Google Plus, the nicer social network for photographers by Thomas Hawk
+ Infographic: Is Photography Dead? via dpreview Connect

+ the failure in crowd-sourcing News photos at PDN Pulse Online
+ on the publishing industry - using a recent Wired article-turned-ebook as an example by Foto Biz
+ how many favorites or likes are enough? at Erik Kim Photography

Etc, Etc, Etc
+ sometimes I wonder why I do this at Sound Image Plus
+ best of tech writing weekly round-ups assembled at The Verge: November 4 and November 11 and November 18

Musical Segment
Fake friends and the fashion industry, experience from a photographer with 25+ years in the industry, a mini-rant by Benjamin Kanarek who used the following song as part of his rant, Fake Friends by Loui the Zu, YouTube-embedded below...

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