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November 04, 2012

Opinion Soup: Gear, DIY, Edu, Bidness, SocioPolitical, Inspirational, Software, etc

It's been three weeks since our previous Opinions round-up, so the time is now for a new round-up... As usual, opinions are those of their Opiners. Reasonable minds can differ, but the one who screams the loudest is always right ;-)... If you missed any of the previous episodes, you can find them waiting for you in the Opinion round-ups archives. Unlike Hulu, you can watch all previous episodes, not just the last five ;-)

+ bad bromance with Nikon Professional Services at Stuck In Customs
+ moving from Canon to Nikon, Episode V at BorrowLenses Blog (previous five (not a typo) episodes are linked at the top of the post over there)
+ cameras of the year at Digital Camera Info
+ on the online photography ecosystem by Ming Thein (may offend sensitive people)
+ discussion on camera choice centering on [results] vs [results + other factors] at TOP with follow-up
+ no permit for mirrorless by Gordon Laing at G+ (via SI+)
+ the camera Olympus should have made at Blog Beebe
+ eleven photography-related Kickstarter projects rounded up at dpreview

Imaging Not-Warez Software
+ the broken feature of photo-sharing: discovery and explore at Qlakk
+ 25 must have Android applications for photographers at ADIDAP (long post)
+ 12 things you might not know about Topaz at Rick Sammon Info
+ should you upgrade to Lightroom 4.2? at Tips from the Top Fl00r

Tips, DIY, Tutorials, .edu
+ top ten Nikon customizations at SLR Lounge
+ lens calibration explained at Photography Life (Mansurovs)
+ faking fireworks in table top photography at DIY Photography
+ size matters (lighting) at Nikonians
+ how to keep electronics going without power by David Pogue
+ introduction to color theory for photographers at SLR Lounge
+ creating a ...moon at DIY Planetography

Creativity, Inspirational, Etc
+ the best thing I ever did was quit professional photography at PetapixeL
+ achieving ultimate image quality at Ming Thein
+ on Movember at Philip Bloom

Socio + Political Issues
+ surveillance and sousveillance at Tech Land (Time) (via PP)
+ politics and photography at Pixiq
+ photojournalism crisis? at Quesabesde (computer-translated)
+ open-letter to young amateur models at Photography Ramblings

+ on forming a photo coperative at A Photo Editor
+ the most valuable photography subjects and how to sell them at Photopreneur
+ why digital magazines are thriving at MediaTel (via APE)
+ don't you just hate copyright thieves at Photowalk Pro
+ agencies who no longer accept printed promos at A Photo Editor
+ individual licensing the next big thing? at Thoughts of a Bohemian (via PP)

Professional Photographer - Just Add Water
+ 18 tips on becoming a professional commercial and fashion photographer at SLR Lounge
+ how to become a professional photographer now at Photodoto
+ 7 tips to go from disaster to money saver at Blackstar Rising
+ quit worrying about what other photographers charge at Pixiq

Etc, Etc, Etc
+ revisiting film at Ming Thein
+ what does your photography cost you by Ctein at TOP
+ this is not a post at TOP (via Eolake)
+ ad networks are killing the internet at

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