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November 11, 2012

Newsbytes: 12mp TrueSense 4/3-inch CMOS sensor, Transcend Wifi cards, Adobe LR4.3 RC, etc

With the Elections and Hurricane Sandy there wasn't enough material to trigger a new edition of the Opinion Soup this weekend (but you can always check the Archives for previous episodes)... However, our Newsy buffers have been overfilled with newsbytes and newsbits and newsquarks, so here is a new edition of Newsbytes...

Print Yourself
+ Japanese 3D Photo Booth allows you to print a 3D version of yourself, 10cm to 20cm, costing up to $400-equivalent - via The Verge

New Imaging Sensors
+ new 12mp CMOS 4/3-inch sensor from Truesense Imaging (formerly Kodak sensors business) via Image Sensors World and Sans Mirror and PMA NL - of which TrueSense dude said "has an SNR10 value of ~7 lux"
+ 8mp 1/3.2" Toshiba backlit 1.4um via Image Sensors World (once upon a time 1/3.x sensors were used in entry-level P&S digital cameras)
+ 5mp 1.4um low cost Omnivision backlit sensor via Image Sensors World

Gear News
+ Transcend launches Wifi SD memory cards via PMA NL and TPBG et al
+ Allacax Next, wireless flash trigger for Sony NExxies via Lightning Rumours
+ RED camera price drops via Imaging Resource
+ Blackmagic Design delays due to sensor glass issues via DSLR News Shooter

Firmware updates
+ new X-Pro1 2.0.1 and X-E1 firmware updates via Fuji's Brandom Remler
+ this is not intended to be a comprehensive list, we simply can't keep up with 600+ recent camera models

Software Updates
+ Adobe release candidates for Lightroom 4.3 and Adobe Camera Raw 7.3 via Cameratown et al
+ Dxo 8.0.1 with NEX-5R and Nikon J2 added via dpreview et al

Legal News
+ Canada: first copyright to photographers via Imaging Resource

Product and Service Announcements
+ selling and pricing prints return to Smug Mug Pro accounts via PetaPixel
+ EXIF info more prominent at Flickr via PetaPixel
+ Canon Service center updates after Sandy via Canon Rumors

Unusual, Unexpected, Unexplained
+ Israel removed from the Flickr maps at
+ Safeway bans photography of their lovely cakes because they don't want the foodies to mock them via Cake Wrecks and Boing Boing and Peta Cakes

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