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November 12, 2012

Mobile Noise: iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S3, HTC One X, App Reviews, etc

Photography keeps getting mobiler and mobiler (for lack of a better word), so now that there is a break in the action, this is a good time for a new Mobile Noise round-up. Please note these are intended to be a sampling of the action, not coverage of everything about everything... For mobile photography related topics, check the Mobile Noise archives...

Apple World
+ iPhone 5 review (including ISO-range color charts) at ePhotozine
+ iPhone 5 tested at British Journal of iPhoneography
+ iPhone 5 review at Quesabesde
+ iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3 at Quesabesde
+ iPhone 5 review by Terry White
+ iPad Mini review at Quesabesde

Android World
+ Samsung Galaxy S3 review at dpreview Connect
+ Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Apple iPhone 5 at Quesabesde
+ HTC One X review at dpreview Connect
+ HTC One X review at

Android Cameras
+ Samsung Galaxy Camera unboxing at Engadget

Apps News
+ Kodak launched app (iTunes, free) to help you find professional films via PMA NL, BJoP, PDN
+ Nikon launched Manual Viewer app (iTunes, free)

App Reviews
+ Camera Awesome (iTunes, free) review at dpreview Connect
+ Lightbomber review at dpreview Connect
+ Blurb Mobile review at dpreview Connect
+ PixFX review at dpreview Connect

+ Jelly Lenses at Connect (don't eat them!)
+ ioShutter release cable reviewed at ePhotozine
+ ioShutter for Nikon launches via Photography Blog
+ iStabilizer mount for smartphones at Terry L. White
+ Turtleback iPhone SLR jacket review at dpeview Connect
+ HDHat iHat 4 review at dpreview Connect

Tips and Learnings
+ branding with Instagram at Connect (this is not satire!)

+ Smugmug looking for Android developers to work on the Camera Awesome app via Connect [the app is currently only available on iOS/iTunes]

Favorite websites covering mobile photography?
Do you have any favorite websites that cover mobile photography? Let us know using the online contact form so we can add them in future Mobile Noise round-ups!

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