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November 16, 2012

Lytro adds Perspective Shift to its camera

Lytro appears to be serious about continually improving its Lytro camera. A new round of updates are coming, and they are bringing Perspective Shift with them. You can change the perspective after you take the pictures. An update to the Lytro Desktop software is needed for this to go live.

Lytro has a 1-minute YouTube video highlighting this new addition. Video YouTube-embedded right below (via The Verve, The Dpreview et al)

The Un-Photography-y mechanics of Picture Taking
We are used to people taking pictures with traditional looking DSLRs and point and shoot cameras. We have gotten accustomed to people taking pictures with smartphones of different sizes. We still giggle inside when we see someone take a picture with a tablet/iPad. How do we feel when we see someone take a picture with a Lytro camera? The mechanics of it look almost as un-photography-y as the Sony parody/satire Pretty Fly for a DSLR guy videos.

Por ejemplo (screenshot crop from the above Lytro video)


Availability-wise, the Lytro cameras are in-stock and shipping by Lytro (fulfilled by Amazon). The 8GB models go for $400, and the 16GB goes for $500.

Fulfilled by Amazon means (in general oversimplified terms) that a seller sends a big box full of products to Amazon warehouses/facilities. When you (the buyer) buy one of the products, the order, payment, shipment, returns are processed through Amazon, not through the seller. Because they are processed at Amazon facilities, "fulfilled by Amazon" products qualify for the $25+ free super saver shipping.

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