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November 2012 (106 posts)

November 30: Catching up with the Fuji X-E1: more reviews, vs NEX-6, ISO comparison, etc
November 29: In-stock nao: Canon 6D w/24-105L for $2700 [and body only too!]
November 29: New Camera Reviews (19) & Lens Reviews (11) [completed]
November 29: Nikon reveals digiscoping adapter and bracket for the CX 1-System (tape-delayed news)
November 29: (ENDED) Rokinon 35mm f1.4 (Canon, Nikon, Sony) for $400
November 28: Pentax K-5 II was also DxoMarked (last week)
November 28: Sony NEX-6 gets the DxoMark treatment today!
November 28: (SOLD OUT) In-stock: Fuji X-E1 w/18-55 for $1400 [updated]
November 27: New Updates on Wednesday (Tuesday = blog detox day)
November 26: (ENDED) Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2012 Camera Deals Situation Room
November 25: Cyber Monday specials going live
November 23: New Black Friday specials have gone live
November 22: Hot Black Friday deals have gone live: D7000, NEX-5R, G12, G3, etc
November 21: Camera Reviews stream updated with 4 new reviews (EoS-M, G15, S110, E-PL5)
November 21: Sony RX1: a technical and a hands-on report
November 21: Bryce Bayer, father of the Bayer color filter, is no longer with us
November 21: Interview with Sigma: no obstacles to Full Frame Foveon sensor
November 20: Camera & Lens Reviews pages updated (six cameras, two lenses) [and Canon 6D samples]
November 19: Best of 2012 Black Friday Camera Specials at Brick and Mortar: Nikon D7000, Sony NEX-5R
November 19: (ENDED) Deal Update: Panasonic GF5 w/14-42mm for $350 (and stackable with Lens Discounts) [GH2 = DEAD]
November 19: Camera Reviews stream updated with 9 new reviews
November 19: Imaging Software Deal: Corel AfterShot Pro for $40 w/free S&H
November 19: Curiosity factor: Pentax K-5 II review at Photography Blog
November 18: Curiosity factor: dual review, Fuji X-E1 and the 18-55mm f2.8-4 lens
November 18: Opinion Soup: mirrorless future, lenses, evaluating gear, photo books, creativity, nifty fifty hackery, etc
November 18: Deals Digest: 20mm f1.7 joins Panasonic Instant Rebates, Nikon D600 drops $100, etc
November 17: Cameraholic Digest: EOS-M, X-E1, D600, NEXxies, E-PM2, 17mm 1.8 vs 2.8, etc
November 17: Rumors: two new Canon DSLRs and one mirrorless in Q1:2013
November 17: Camera Reviews stream updated (14 new ones)
November 16: Dxo Marky Mark dances with the Olympus E-PL5
November 16: Curiosity factor: Fuji XF 18-55mm f2.8-4 OIS reviewed
November 16: Lytro adds Perspective Shift to its camera
November 16: Adobe Photoshop Touch 1.4 launches on the Amazon Android-y App Store
November 16: (ENDED) Transcend sale (various SDHC, SDXC, CompactFlash, USB sticks, HDD)
November 15: Stock Status pages created for Sony RX1, Panasonic GH3, Canon 6D, Fuji X-E1
November 15: Hardcore: Convert a Sony NEX-6 to Infrared (step by step text and video)
November 15: Cameraholic Digest: NEX-6, RX1, X-E1, X-F1, E-PM2, E-M5, XZ2, M-E, G15, S110, Fov, etc
November 15: Sony RX1 first wave of studio test samples (JPEG/RAW) at Imaging Resource
November 15: Sony RX1 ISO-range test samples (JPEG, RAW) at FN
November 15: Picture #46,000 in the Readers Flickr Pool
November 15: Holiday Shopping 2012 Trend: 2% Rewards on Camera Gear
November 15: Curiosity factor: Pentax Q10 review at Photography Blog
November 15: Price Announcement: Olympus 17mm f1.8 (m43rds) for $500 [and two hands-on reports]
November 15: Sigma DP Merrills get Richard Franiec add-on custom grips
November 14: Camera and Lens Reviews pages updated (13 new ones)
November 14: Curiosity factor: Panasonic GH3 review at Digital Camera Info
November 14: Impact review: Nikon D600 at dpreview
November 14: Pretty Fly for a DSLR Guy (Sony Australia viral videos of proudly mis-informed DSLR fauxtographers)
November 14: New Fuji video lenses: 85-300mm PL zoom and ultra-wide HDTV lens
November 14: Resurrection Ship: Ten Ritz/Wolf stores re-open under Mike's Camera
November 14: Panasonic Troubles: 10,000 laid off and Garage Sale starting January 2013
November 14: Curiosity factor: Samsung Android Galaxy superzoom camera reviewed
November 14: Anatomy of a Viral Slideshow: 21 years in the life of a human (shot with a film camera)
November 13: Now shipping: Fuji X-E1 body only for $1000 [updated]
November 13: Viewers Like You - Please Help Support This Blog - Yes You!
November 12: Camera Reviews pages updated
November 12: Dailybooth closing (Back up Your Pictures Before the End of the Year)
November 12: Mobile Noise: iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S3, HTC One X, App Reviews, etc
November 12: Samsung Galaxy camera with 4G HSPA+ will sell for $500 on AT&T (no contract)
November 12: Curiosity factor: Fuji X-E1 at Photography Blog
November 12: Waves of specials at the Camera Deals blog
November 11: Curiosity factor: more Pentax K-5 IIs and II review action
November 11: Samsung releases open source kernel files for their Android Galaxy EK-GC100 camera
November 11: Newsbytes: 12mp TrueSense 4/3-inch CMOS sensor, Transcend Wifi cards, Adobe LR4.3 RC, etc
November 10: Cameraholic Digest: K5*, K30, NEX-6, -5R, D600, LX7, G15, S110, E-M5, DP Merrills, etc
November 10: (OLDER POST) All specials mentioned in this post expired
November 9: Recap of the today's mega-burst of blog-posts and updates
November 9: Dxo Marky Mark dances with the Sony NEX-5R
November 9: Catching up with the Fuji X-E1: RAW samples and test (and new firmware)
November 9: Catching up with the Panasonic GH3: more Tests and Samples
November 9: Curiosity factor: Canon EOS-m samples and review
November 9: Error, Error, Error: Canon EOS-m two lens kit for $850 was Error, Error, Error
November 9: Nikon D5200 After The Announcement: new previews and 38 samples
November 9: Teardowns, Teardowns, Teardowns: Nikon D600 and D700 and Sony A99
November 9: Curiosity factor: three more Fuji X-F1 reviews
November 9: Camera & Lens Reviews pages updated (15 cameras, 2 lenses)
November 9: New SLR Lenses get priced: Sigma 35/1.4, Tamron 90/2.8 VC, 70-200/2.8 VC
November 9: SLR Magic abandons Leica M rangefinder lenses (T-lenses continue)
November 6: In-stock alert: Sony NEX-6 w/16-50mm for $1000
November 6: Election Day 2012: The Camera Manufacturers Favorability Ratings
November 5: Camera & Lens Reviews pages updated
November 5: (ERROR; INCORRECT) New Canon EOS-M two lens kit for $850 (22/2, 18-55)
November 5: New DSLR: 24mp Nikon D5200 with optional wifi module
November 5: New Canon 35mm f2 IS and 24-70mm f4L IS lenses
November 5: (DEAD) Foveon Temptations: Sigma DP1x down to $250
November 5: New M43rds Video Camera: Panasonic AG-AF10XA (names vary by region)
November 5: Instagram expands to the web with Instagram Profiles
November 5: Recap of Epic Cameraholic Digest round-ups: eight new episodes today!
November 5: Cameraholic Digest: Panasonic edition: GH3, 35-100, pancake dissect, GX1, GF5, LX7, FZ200, etc
November 4: Cameraholic Digest: Olympus edition: E-PL5, E-M5, XZ-2, etc
November 4: Cameraholic Digest: Samsung edition: NX20, NX1000, Galaxy, EX2f, etc
November 4: Cameraholic Digest: Fuji edition: X-E1, X-F1, X-Pro1, X-S1, F800, etc
November 4: Cameraholic Digest: Pentax edition: K-5 II (both), K-30, X5, etc
November 4: Cameraholic Digest: Nikon edition: D600, D800, D800E, V2, J2, P7700, S800c Android, etc
November 4: Cameraholic Digest: Canon edition: 1D X, EOS-m, T4i, G15, S110, SX50, etc
November 4: Cameraholic Digest: Sony edition: A99, NEX-6, NEX-5R, NEX-7, RX100, HX200v, etc
November 4: Opinion Soup: Gear, DIY, Edu, Bidness, SocioPolitical, Inspirational, Software, etc
November 3: Curiosity factor: Fuji X-F1 review and previews and samples
November 3: Camera & Lens Reviews pages updated
November 2: Hipster News: Photo Filters coming to Twitter
November 2: Now shipping: Sony NEX-5R, Alpha A99 [corrected]
November 2: Curiosity factor: the camera of the LG Google Nexus 4
November 1: Public Service Announcement: Helping Sandy Victims Relief Efforts
November 1: Amazon and AT&T launch separate Cloud Photo services with 5GB free each
November 1: Ad-network banner ads removed from The Main Blog
November 1: (ENDED) Potential Deals: Panasonic LX5, Sony H90, DSLR accessories, etc


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