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November 15, 2012

Holiday Shopping 2012 Trend: 2% Rewards on Camera Gear

There is a new trend developing in the 2012 holiday shopping season. 2% promotional rewards on the purchase of select camera gear. This promotion has already been running at Amazon which is offering 2% back in promotional Amazon credit on the purchase of select DSLRs and CSCs/mirrorless and Lenses that are priced $99 or more and are sold and shipped by Amazon herself. The promotional credit will be emailed to you 35 days after your order ships. After the order ships, not after it is placed. Items sold by 3rd-party sellers, marketplace, used, refurbished are NOT eligible.

You can easily spot this promotion by look at the "Special Offers" section of individual product pages at Amazon and look for the text that starts with "Get 2% Back in Rewards: Purchase any compact system or DSLR camera or lens $99 and up... ". Here is an example of this, the Canon D-Rebel T3i w/18-55 is eligible for this promotion.

Now B&H Photo and Adorama Join The Party
One retailer is not a trend, but when two more of the major camera-gear retailers join the party, then it becomes a trend! Both Adorama and B&H Photo have launched their versions of 2% Rewards. The rewards will be activated 40 days after your order is shipped. Once the reward is activated, you have six months to spend it.

Only select items are eligible for this promotion. You can easily find if an item is eligible by checking its individual product page or looking at a search results page. B&H Photo has set up a page with the Rewards promotion details.

The fonts used are rather small, so we have one example from each retailer to help you quickly figure out whether an item is eligible for this promotion.

At Adorama, we are using the Nikon D600 body only as the example, and at B&H Photo, we are using the Canon 5D Mark III body as the example. Annotated screenshot crops of those two product pages are right below, first Adorama, then B&H Photo...

Adorama 2% Rewards example

B&H Photo 2% Rewards example

Limited Time Offers
Please note these are limited time offers. Expiration dates for earning the 2% rewards are not mentioned, so new buyers are eligible until you no longer see the offers mentioned at the individual product pages. If you no longer see them mentioned, it means they have expired.

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