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November 02, 2012

Hipster News: Photo Filters coming to Twitter

Smartphones have introduced photography to millions (if not billions) of more people. This is a double-edged sword, it can get more people interested in learning about photography but it can also cause a stampede of proudly misinformed neo-photographers distorting expectations and qualifications of and from more serious photographers. "I paid you to shoot my wedding and not a single HDR picture? Not a single Instagram filter? I should of (sic) had my nephew shoot it for free with his iPhone 3GS! He's a whiz with Instagram!" ;-)

With that as a quasi-unnecessary preface, photo filters are coming to Twitter. Instagram and a number of other photo apps have made them popular, so the Twitter is jumping on the bandwagon. From a non-photographer digital user perspective, this offers some more flexibility, since you can hipsterize pictures from multiple sources, old and new, not just the ones you recently took.

This was revealed by the Nick Bilton of the Bits blog. Web coverage of this revelation via Techmeme.

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