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November 09, 2012

Dxo Marky Mark dances with the Sony NEX-5R

Dxomark has been busy the last few weeks and earlier in the week they released a new set of test results. This time the subject of their affection was the Sony NEX-5R mirrorless camera. They published their usual lab test results along with their comparative analysis. Good vibrations or not? We won't spoil it here, so be sure to check it out if curious.

For more opinions on the NEX-5R, check its list of completed reviews (five as of the time of writing). The NEX-5R follows up on the NEX-5N [see 20+ reviews].

Availability-wise, the two standard NEX-5R kits are in-stock and shipping for $650 (body only) and $750 (w/18-55). The other kit, the NEX-5R w/16-50mm power zoom remains in pre-order state for $800.

Sony NEX-5R vs Other Cameras Measured by DXoMark
+ NEX-5R vs NEX-5N vs NEX-5: the evolution of the 5-series
+ NEX-5R vs NEX-7: vs the more advanced NEX models (NEX-6 not measured yet)
+ NEX-5R vs Alpha A57 vs A65: vs SLT DSLRs
+ NEX-5R vs Canon EOS-m (not measured yet)
+ NEX-5R vs Samsung NX20 vs NX210 vs NX1000 (not measured yet)
+ NEX-5R vs Fuji X-Pro1 vs X-E1 (not measured yet)
+ NEX-5R vs Olympus E-M5 vs E-P3 - vs Olympus M43rds leaders
+ NEX-5R vs Olympus E-PL3 vs E-PM1 (E-PL5 and E-PM2 not measured yet)
+ NEX-5R vs Panasonic GH2 vs GX1: vs Panasonic M43rds (GH3 not measured yet)
+ NEX-5R vs Panasonic G5 vs GF5: vs Panasonic 5ers
+ NEX-5R vs Pentax K-01 vs Q: vs Pentax mirrorless (Q10 not measured yet)
+ NEX-5R vs Nikon J2 vs V1: vs Nikon's Angry Inch (V2 not measured yet)
+ NEX-5R vs Ricoh GXR (not measured yet)
+ NEX-5R vs Hello Kitty trapper keeper camera (not measured yet)

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