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November 16, 2012

Dxo Marky Mark dances with the Olympus E-PL5

Dxo Marky Mark is back with some more good vibrations! In normal speak, Dxomark has published their Olympus E-PL5 lab tests. Accompanying the lab tests are Dxo's comparisons and analysis of their findings.

As usual with DxoMark, you can compare the test results to previously-tested cameras. We have some pre-filled comparisons to get you started, but the possibilities are practically infinite [technically they are not infinite, since Dxomark has tested a finite number of cameras]

+ E-PL5 vs OM-D E-M5: vs the star of Olympus M43rds - am I seeing double or are the scores similar?
+ E-PL5 vs E-PL3 - vs previous E-PL model
+ E-PL5 vs Sony NEX-5R: vs Sony's mirrorless value frontier
+ E-PL5 vs Panasonic GF5: I can see differences from my house!
+ E-PL5 vs Panasonic G5: same as above but not quite as dramatic
+ E-PL5 vs Nikon J2: Nikon's Angry Inch will definitely be angry after seeing these results

NOTE: It looks like DXomark changed the formatting of the comparison pages. You can no longer have three cameras side-by-side. If you have three cameras, the third overflows to a second row, making a quick visual comparison awkward. I don't know if this is a temporary bug or a new feature/change.

DUE to this limitation, we won't have our usual information-overload link-comparison-a-thon since it would take twice as long to post the multi-format comparisons.

AVAILABILITY-wise, the E-Pen E-PL5 with the kit lens (14-42mm) is in-stock and shipping for $700 at Amazon in multiple co-ordinated colors.

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