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November 09, 2012

Curiosity factor: Canon EOS-m samples and review

Canon is typically very fast at releasing newly announced products, but they were not as efficient this year, they even acknowledged it in their latest financial report. But slowly but steadily the first Canon EOS-m camera and its assorted accessories are starting to roll out. Here is a recap of some of the latest action...

+ short completed review at What Digital Camera? along with 25 JPEG samples
+ 30 JPEG samples with production camera at dpreview (also discussion of samples)
+ ISO range comparison at Camera Labs
+ see also list of completed EOS-m reviews
+ naming issue: what is Canon going to name the next EOS Mirrorless camera? The new EOS-m, iPad-style? ;-)

*** ERROR *** Two lens kit for $850 was an error *** ERROR ***
Earlier in the week we mentioned a Canon EOS-m two lens kit for $850. This was an error/confusion. There is no such thing at the moment. The $850 price is for the EOS-m with the 18-55mm kit. All apologies for the confusions! We posted corrections at multiple posts and multiple blogs, so hopefully everyone can see it

Canon EOS-m camera and accessories in-stock and shipping
+ Canon EOS-m with 22mm pancake for $800 at Amazon (via 3rd-party sellers) and Adorama
+ Canon EF-M lens adapter for $200 at Amazon (via 3rd-party sellers)
+ Speedlite 90EX flash for $150 at B&H Photo and Adorama and Amazon (via 3rd-party sellers)

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