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November 04, 2012

Cameraholic Digest: Olympus edition: E-PL5, E-M5, XZ-2, etc

We continue the Cameraholic Digest catch-up-a-thon with Olympus... Earlier today we rounded-up the latest Sony-related action and Canon-related action and Nikon-related action and Pentax-related action and Fuji-related action and Samsung-related action.

Olympus E-M5 vs E-Pens
+ E-PL5 beats the E-M5??? at Pekka Potka Journal
+ E-M5 vs E-PM2 image stabilization test-scene series at mu-43 forums

Olympus E-M5
+ E-M5 vs Panasonic GH3 Part III at ePhotozine
+ E-M5 vs Nikon D600 at Sound Image Plus
+ E-M5 hands on at FStoppers
+ E-M5 hosts 75mm f1.8 at Steve Huff Photo
+ E-M5 Photography Blog
+ E-PL1 hosts 60mm f2.8 ED samples at Lens Tip
+ E-PL5 with 18-55mm in-stock and shipping for $700

Olympus Fixed Lens Cameras
+ XZ2 review concludes at Robin Wong
+ XZ2 reviews at Photography Blog and Digital Camera Info
+ XZ2 real-world samples at dpreview
+ XZ2 action rounded up last week

Olympus - Other
+ do Four Thirds lenses cover more than 43/M43? at DigLloyd
+ sold-out: XZ-1 black continues to be offered for $200 with free shipping

Olympus Reviews Reference Guide
+ Cameras: Olympus cameras (all the ones we track) or M43rds cameras (both Olympus and Panasonica)
+ Lenses: Olympus Lenses or M43rds lenses (all makers) or Four Thirds lenses (all makers)

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