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November 15, 2012

Cameraholic Digest: NEX-6, RX1, X-E1, X-F1, E-PM2, E-M5, XZ2, M-E, G15, S110, Fov, etc

The moment you have not been waiting for has arrived, a new edition of the Cameraholic Digest. For the previous 110+ episodes, check the Cameraholic Archives... As usual, completed lens reviews can be found at the Lens Reviews stream...

Beyond 35mm
+ Mamiya RZ67 Pro review at Photography Life

+ DP2 Merrill review at ePhotozine

+ X-E1 first wave of JPEG and RAW studio test samples at Imaging Resource
+ X-E1 review at Photography Blog (previously mentioned as stand-alone Curiosity Factor alert)
+ X-E1 vs X-Pro1 (not X-F1; corrected!) at DSLR Magazino (computer-translated)
+ X-F1 reviews at ePhotozine and Ming Thein and Neocamera
+ X-F1 first wave of JPEG and RAW studio test samples at Imaging Resource
+ X-S1 review at Steve's Digicams

+ 15mm f8 body-cap-lens at CSC Magazine and DSLR Magazine (computer-translated)
+ E-PM2 review at Amateur Photographer UK
+ E-M5 first impressions part #1 by Ctein at TOP
+ E-M5 teams up with the 60mm f2.8 macro to copy slides at Pekka Potka
+ XZ-2 Stylus review at Photo Review

+ Leica M-E short short review at Amateur Photographer UK

+ RX1 JPEG and RAW samples at Imaging Resource and Focus Numerique (previously mentioned as stand-alone alerts)
+ NEX-6 first few days at Sony Alpha Lab
+ NEX-6 distilled impressions as a video camera by Johhnnnie Bahiri (Vimeo)
+ NEX-5R distilled review at Gizmodo
+ Cybershot HX200v review at Imaging Resource
+ NEX-7 hosts Nikon 50mm f1.2 AI-s at Sound Image Plus

+ G10 (G-Ten) revisited now at Photographic Central
+ G15 reviews at CNet UK and Photography Blog and Camera Labs and Thew's Reviews
+ S110 review at Steve's
+ 5DMk3 bonus web content at Le Monde

+ D600 review at dpreview (previously mentioned as Impact Review alert)
+ D800E action at TOP in multiple posts (you have to look for them, no simple way to link to them, short of playing proxy webmaster)
+ D5200 real-world JPEG samples at ePhotozine
+ D600 hosts the Tamron 24-70mm VC at Steve Huff Post
+ D200 hosts Tamron 24-70mm VC for interior photography at ePhotozine
+ D800E hosts Nikon 14-24mm f2.8 at The PBG
+ D4 bonus web content at Le Monde
+ Coolpix S800c Android review at Amateur Photographer UK
+ Coolpix S01 mini-me review at Steve's

+ K-5 IIs review at Neocamera
+ K-5 II samples (including ISO-range color-chart) at ePhotozine
+ Q10 review at Photography Blog (previously mentioned as stand-alone Curiosity Factor alert)
+ X-5 superzoom reviews at AP UK and ePhotozine

+ GH3 review at Digital Camera Info (previously mentioned as stand-alone Curiosity Factor alert)
+ FZ200 review at Digital Versus
+ FT20/TS20 waterproof review at Camera Labs

+ Galaxy EK-GC100 Android superzoom review at Engadget (previously mentioned as stand-alone Curiosity Factor alert)
+ NX-20 at Le Monde

EtC, EtC, EtC
+ Limelite Mosaic Daylight LED panel review at Lightning Rumours
+ 27-inch Samsung S27B970D Series 9 Quad HD LED monitor review at ePhotozine
+ Nero multi trigger review at ePhotozine

Contests and Giveaways
+ win Pentax K30, WG-2, 50mm lens at Pentax Forums
+ win Nikon Coolpix S9300 compact-travel-zoom at ePhotozine

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