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November 19, 2012

Camera Reviews stream updated with 9 new reviews

Monday is often a review-burst-mode day, and today was no exception. We had a total of nine new reviews of interchangeable lens cameras (EOS-m, K5*.*, D800E, etc) or compacts-with-RAW (XZ-2). Check them all out at the Camera Reviews stream.

During this Black Friday madness week, as in previous years, we may fall slightly behind on non-time-sensitive updates (round-ups, Cameraholic Digest episodes, etc). However, the Lens Reviews stream and the Camera Reviews stream will continue to be updated on a regular basis.

On the Black Friday madness front, we have a few more brick and mortar Black Friday ads to digest, and after that, we will launch, as usual, our annual chaotic Black Friday and Cyber Monday Situation room.

But for time-sensitive specials, still, the best way to find them before they sell out is the Camera Deals blog which offers a full-text RSS feed.

Speaking of RSS feeds, the full-text RSS feed project for the Main Blog (this one) has been delayed, partly because there is some uncertainty about the future of Feedburner, so we have to evaluate the different options and possibilities. Google will be removing AdSense for Feedburner feeds, and when Google removes Adsense from a product, you can safely remove the shades (the future not so bright) [to paraphrase a popular song from the past].

On the plus side though, some of the alternative services, offer post-by-post email subscriptions. The Feedburner email subscription is a one-per-day email, which, a number of people don't find as useful as post-by-post emails. But I am going into filibuster-mode now. More on the RSS stuff after the Black Friday madness (and hopefully before the 2013 CES/PMA [see Trade Show Calendar]). This is a poor blog, we don't have an IT department :)

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