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November 14, 2012

Anatomy of a Viral Slideshow: 21 years in the life of a human (shot with a film camera)

Some of the viral photo-related items can be on the goofy side of things, but sometimes they are more than just goofy. In the latter category falls this viral new thing. The whole life of a 21 year old was captured from sonogram to now using film cameras and presented as a six minute slideshow on YouTube, which you can also find embedded below. Its viral momentum is already getting it close to 5 million views. Plus it's a lot harder to do something like this, it requires 21 years of pictures :) Sometimes hard work and persistence is rewarded! A total of 7,500 pictures in 71 albums were used. The pictures were taken with a film camera. It took 1.5 years for the family to digitize them manually (manually - as opposed to sending them to a scanning service). The subject of the photo, 21 year old Cory Mc Leod is a student in Leeds (UK) and has a Twitter account where he is enjoying his 15 minutes.

Via CNet News and CBS News.

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