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November 01, 2012

Amazon and AT&T launch separate Cloud Photo services with 5GB free each

Neil Gaiman brought the wars of the Gods from the clouds down to the Earth, but the big technology giants are moving their territorial wars to the cloud! With that as a probably unnecessary preface, two big companies have launched two separate photo hosting cloud services today.

We start with Amazon, launching a new cloud service for photos, Amazon Cloud Drive Photos. The service is build upon Amazon's existing Cloud Drive and comes with free 5GB of storage. Additional storage can be purchased on an annual basis (20GB to 1TB). The new app is available at the Google Play Android Market and the Amazon Android-ish app store. Android only at the moment. Maybe they are waiting for a hipster-geek to approve it at Apple? ;-)

Next up, good old Ma Bell, Big T, AT&T! Your world delivered! AT&T's new service is called AT&T Locker (Flash) offering 5GB of free storage for photo or video, requiring Android 2.1 or iPhone 3GS or newer. The AT&T app is available on iTunes and Google Play. Additional storage is available for purchase with monthly plans.

Interesting, the carrier touts monthly plans, the internet retailer touts annual plans. It must be in their DNA :)

Web Coverage of new services
+ Amazon Photo Cloud: Tech Crunch and The Verge and Beta News and Techmeme et al
+ AT&T Photo Cloud: CNet and Engadget and Techmeme et al.

Blog Updates have fallen behind
A lot of our regular blog updates have fallen behind. Unfortunately, unlike the I've-fallen-and-I-cant-get-up infomercials you see on TV, there is no simple press-the-button magic solution. We hope to catch up with the timeline by the end of the weekend - other things equal! All apologies for falling behind!

On the progress-bar-moving-in-the-right-direction front, we just caught up with the latest Camera Deals including discounts on the Pentax K-01 and Q (thanks for the alerts), free 1-day shipping promotions, digital Shutterbug, photo paper rebate specials, and mo(i)re.

We have also fallen behind on the Quirky Contests, full-text RSS feed, Stock Status pages, and such. On the progress bar is moving front, we removed ad-network banner ads from The Main Blog earlier today.

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