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November 01, 2012

Ad-network banner ads removed from The Main Blog

Ad-haters, we have some good news for you! We have removed the ad-network banner ads from the Main Blog. Currently there is only one ad-box in the right sidebar of the Main Blog. Ad-network ads (Google Adsense and the like) are typically the most annoying because they are like a fountain of never-ending ads and often have annoying animations, out of control Flash, off-topic subjects, potential for malware, etc.

The spot at the main blog will remain in-place and we will use it for the following purposes:...

1) internal banners, eg point to the latest camera reviews mini-site, the latest lens reviews mini-site, our Twitter feed, the Readers Flickr pool, etc

2) affiliate banner ads, for example Amazon, B&H Photo, Adorama, the Adobe Store, etc. We decide which of these banners will be posted, if they will be posted, when they will be posted, etc, and we can remove them at any time for any reason. Unlike the ad-networks which are a never-ending stream of ads.

3) deal alerts and on-going promotions (eg Canon Instant Rebates)

4) direct advertising (currently there is zero). We have a very very very high-level of scrutiny before accepting direct advertising, both in terms of the quality of the advertiser and whether the company is one that we cover on a regular basis. We refuse to accept direct advertising from any of the major camera and lens manufacturers and the like since we cover them on a regular basis. Not the smartest business decision but it reduces potential headaches and fanperson wars and complaints :)

The spots are rotated and prioritized using the AdSpeed service, so you may not see anything if you are using AdBlock or other similar services. Because of the nature of cloud-hosted blogs (TypePad, Blogger, Tumblr, etc), it is more efficient to use a professional 3rd-party service like AdSpeed instead of running our own server. One less headache to babysit and maintain :)

You can easily spot our internal banners, they look too ugly to be anything else :) Here is an example:

PLEASE NOTE: The ad-network ads have only been removed from the Main Blog (*.*). The dedicated special-interest separate sub-domain blogs (Lens Reviews, Camera Reviews, Camera Deals, etc) continue to have Adsense ads. Each dedicated special-interest blog will be evaluated on its own and will be asked to produce plans for a balanced budget before its ad-network ads are removed. Some of the dedicated special-interest blogs already have big deficits but thankfully they haven't borrowed from China (yet?) ;-) We will have more on these later on.

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