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October 07, 2012

Samsung Galaxy superzoom Android camera to launch on AT&T with non-LTE 4G

There are some news on the recently announced Samsung Galaxy superzoom Android-powered digital camera for fans of cellular data: it will be available from AT&T using their non-LTE 4G network. Aka HSPA+. AT&T has not revealed details on pricing or data plans, so time will tell. Will it be sold like a cellphone with a contract or at full price with an optional/mandatory data plan?

Press release parade at Android Central and Android Police and Android Guys and Droid Dog and Android Authoritae and Droid Life and Android Community and Android & Moi et at...

A brief hands-on with the Galaxy Camera at the AT&T launch event can be found at Electronista. [NEW!]

For a refresher on this camera, check its initial announcement round-up in late August 2012. At announcement time, we forgot to include this in the Cameras of 2012 reference page, but we just added it under its original announcement day, August 29, 2012. This increases the number of superzooms in 2012 to 72 individual camera models from the major manufacturers (superzoom = zoom ratio of 10x or more).

Money-Saving Speculation
If you need 4G data and this is sold without a contract and if it can be unlocked and if it is compatible with the T-Mobile HSPA+ network, one possibility to further investigate is the double-secret T-Mobile "Data Hungry" pre-paid phone plan. For $30 per month, you get 5GB of 4G data at full speed, along with unlimited texting and 100 voice minutes. You can see this plan at the T-Mobile Pre-Paid Plans page (the Web Exclusive for $30/month plan).

Double-secret plan because you can only get this at the T-Mobile website or Walmart. T-Mobile brick and mortar stores do not offer this and may start foaming at the mouth if you mention it :)

German price: 600 euros
It looks like pricing is starting to slowly come out. According to SammyHub, the German price will be 600 euro for the camera (Wifi and 3G). The European smartphone market is a more free market than the US market where the carriers control almost everything and tie consumers in contracts. Yet the free market advocates in expensive business suits (*cough* corporate lobbyists *cough*) never complain about this. (via Ubergizmo) [NEW!]

Sharp Contrast between Samsung and Nikon Android cameras
From specs, to features, to connectivity, there is a sharp contrast between the two Android cameras offered by major camera manufacturers. The Samsung Galaxy is modern Android device running Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean).

The Nikon Coolpix S800c is a short-zoom P&S camera cobbled together with an old version of Android, Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) and selling for a fanboy-early-adopter price of $350.

If you just looked at these two cameras and tried to figure out which one is the top-tier camera manufacturer and which one is the confused camera manufacturer, you would get the wrong answer.

Standard Rant on incomplete product announcements
Why do companies make these half-baked announcements? When you announce a product, you have to give the consumers three types of information:

1) what is this new product? (product details)
2) when can I buy it?
3) how much do I pay?

That's all. You don't need a word-processor or fancy PR-speak or fake-quotes from company representatives ("Our farts smell nicer than the Macy's fragrance counter", said Mr. O'Hype, VP of Product Development). Just write the details in vi. But make sure you include 1-2-3!

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